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10 days of intention

Documenting 2021: 10 days of Intention

Happy New Year! It’s 2021, y’all! Can you hardly believe it? I felt really ready for the new year. Not just because of all of those 2020 vibes that we all wanted to get rid of. But, I felt really, inwardly ready to move…

1 Jan 2021

Mondays are for sharing random thoughts

The long summer nights have officially returned + that means Mondays are the perfect time to share some random thoughts. My energy always lasts a bit longer – way into the evening, even after work – once May rolls around. And my chilled out…

13 May 2019

16 things I’ve been doing in April

Mid-April. What the heck? Just when I think that things are going to drag on, time keeps right on flying by. And suddenly I find myself at the beginning of my long-long-looooong-awaited Easter/Spring break. *deep sigh* So, to celebrate (and take a little pause…

14 Apr 2019
year summaries

Year in review: My top 10 posts of 2018

Year endings are all about countdowns, right? So, to celebrate the ending of my blogging year, it’s time for my annual top posts post. I’m counting them down chronologically. So, here we go! Here are the ones that y’all liked + read the most!…

27 Dec 2018
create + inspire

How can I create my own new beginning?

Is it just me, or does today feel like this week has lasted foreeeeever? I’ve been a day ahead every day. It’s been a week that has been tons of fun, lots of work, and seems to never end. But, today is Friday! I…

24 Aug 2018

Reasons why I didn’t take my computer on vacation

It should be obvious why I didn’t bring my computer on vacation with me. Right? I mean, duh. I’m not working. So why would I cart around my MacBook with me? But, I’m a blogger. A not so regular blogger these past few months,…

19 Jul 2018

The wisdom of April + 7 years of blogging

Happy April, lovely soul! I sure do hope you’re having a long weekend however you want + need it to be. For me, I’m taking it very, very slow. Celebrating just being here. And how the seasons just continue their movement forward… hoping that…

2 Apr 2018