9 things to let go of in Autumn

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go. – Unknown

Happy fall, fellow northern hemisphere friends! And happy spring to everyone else! 

Today we shift into autumn mode (or spring mode), and I want to celebrate that shift by releasing some shit that doesn’t work for me. Thoughts, ideas, beliefs, feelings, etc. that we all face at one time or another. You know what I mean. Those things that hold us back from living the life that we really want to live. Those words or thoughts that we are stuck in, that keep us dragging our feet and continually reappear , hindering us from being the bad ass people that we are. All of the stuff that just isn’t freaking true. 

It’s time to let go of it all. All of the negativity and old ghosts. All of the fears and fucked up thoughts. It’s time to release it all and claim the life that we really want to create. 

Because we are so freaking worth it. 

For me, Autumn is that special time of year when the leaves turn their gorgeous, beautiful colors and then simply let go. Unafraid, they courageous and naturally just let go… following the cycle of nature. 

So, as we move forward and onward today, I wanted to use the message of this season of letting go inspire us to release and let go as well. 

So here you go. Let’s get rid of these things, and move on! There is a freaking amazing life out there waiting for us all!

hydrangea autumnLet go of the impulse to compare yourself to others

oh, my friends. you are worthy + beautiful + fabulous just because you are you. there is no one else like you. never has been + never will be again. so own all that you are. embrace your quirks, your faults, your amazingness, and everything that makes you, you.

it ain’t easy. and it’s the thing that i struggle with most – even to this day. wishing + wanting to have a trait or a gift that i see in others. i’m waaaaay better at accepting and loving myself, but i’m not there yet. so, with this autumn, i release, once again, the need to compare myself. instead, i remind myself how freaking awesome i am.

now, you do the same, ok?

autumn-path-Let go of the need to have a plan

yeah, just let that shit go because it isn’t gonna turn our at all like you thought or expected. oh, continue to have dreams + goals, of course. but, resist the urge to have everything planned out and set in stone. life is fluid and dynamic and changing. the best that we can learn, in my opinion, is how to be zen and taoist. how to go with the flow. how to set our intentions and release them out into the world, actively making decisions, but also staying aware and mindful and grounded as the twists + turns of life come our way.

more often than not, life will actually unfold much more beautifully than we ever imagined.

so, throw away that planner. and, instead, set your sights on your vision for life, allowing the universe and the energy and love of life flow through you, guiding you all along the way.

treehouse-autumnLet go of the need to fit in

Be yourself. find your own path. Do your own thing. No one ever said that you had to do life the same way everyone else does it. So, find that inner beast and set her free. Who cares what everyone else thinks? We definitely shouldn’t. We should be proud of ourselves, proud to be who we are, even if that means that we are a wee bit off – according to society’s expectations.

Besides, what is “normal” anyway? Dare to be different. Dare to just be you. However you look, whatever you dream of.

sunset autumn treesLet go of the idea that there is a right way + a wrong way

There is no right. There is no wrong. There is only truth. Your truth. Discover it. Claim it. Walk it. Live it.

river uppsala autumnLet go of negativity (people around you)

You just don’t need them. If there is anyone who is sucking the life out of you, not adding inspiration to your life, then you don’t need them. You do not have to be around them. I mean, sometimes you have to be around negative people who you may run into or work with. But, that doesn’t mean that they have to suck the ever-living-life out of you.

Surround yourself with positive people. People who lift you up, inspire you, make you smile, make you a better person, challenge you, feed your soul.

It really is ok to pick your friends. To be choosy and careful and selective. And to bring positive vibes, calm, and peace into your life. You deserve that.

leaves-shoes-meLet go of the fear of the dark

That’s right. Autumn means that it gets darker. The days grow much shorter and daylight fades away. Most of us really dislike this time of year.

But, I say, “Scrooge to that!” See the beauty of the dark. Feel the coziness of the dark. Embrace the mystery and silence of the dark. Use this season, these months to turn inward. To go into the dark and feel the potential that is there.

Oh, the dark is lovely. It is mystical and magical. It is solitary and intentional and peaceful. Dwell in it. And go deeper into who you really are.


Let go of your powerlessness

You have everything that you need already within you. Light. Courage. Bravery. Love. And so much more. The thing is, if you want something, if you dream of something, then all you have to do is tap into your soul. It’s all right there. Some people call it spirit, some call it a light. Others call it love, magic, gut, divinity. Whatever you call it, it is within you. As close as your breath. And it is ready to help you create the life you are called to.

So, get quiet. Listen. Feel. And then, let it all flow. You are meant for so much amazingness.

orange tree autumn

Let go of the idea that you have to choose. 

you don’t. there is no either/or. you deserve everything you can dream up. you do not have to choose between a family and a job. your spouse or your friends. your dreams or security. money or happiness. i truly, deeply believe that, if we dream it, if it comes from our soul, and if we pursue it, then the universe will conspire with us to make all things possible. the only question is…

what is it that we really want? what is it that our soul yearns for? 

once we know, then it’s just to chase that dream and be our own hero. 


 So, my friends, what do you want to let go of? What do you need to release? Talk to me. Share with me. 

And, every time you see a leaf slowly, intentionally, freely fall to the ground this autumn, remember to breathe and let go… 

Release all that does not serve you and help you to be your higher self. 

Autumn blessings. 

xoxo. liz. 


10 thoughts on “9 things to let go of in Autumn

  1. This list, dear Liz – be still, my heart. I want to frame it, stick it in my purse to be pulled out and looked at several times a day, to remind myself of all the magic that surrounds us. You, my friend, have a special talent to make us see the potential in us, in every day, and in the world. Thank you!!
    I will include it in my Happy links on the weekend, because it made me intensely happy this morning!

    1. Oh my, Miriam! What a wonderfully kind comment. I’m absolutely touched and moved. So happy that it spoke to you! xx

  2. I love this post! Empowering, inspiring and wonderful. Thank you Liz for jet another wonderful post! <3

  3. There were certain parts of this I just NEEDED to read! Not that it means I’m at ease with it, but needed to read all the same – so thank you! xx

  4. Ah Liz, such a great compilation – distilled wisdom right here. My enduring struggle is also with number 1 on the list; you touched on this in episode 5 of the podcast and really got me examining why I keep holding myself to this other standard and comparing myself to what other people have accomplished. Still working on it 😉 Thanks as always for your inspiration and authenticity. xoxo

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