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9 reasons this old soul loves September

Let’s just start with the main reason I love September. 1. September baby It’s my birthday month. I mean, really. Enough said, am I right? I may be turning 45, and other people may get all freaked out about being 45; but all I…

6 Sep 2019
the seasons

The summer season begins today! Here’s why:

Most of us celebrate the midsummer holiday in June as the beginning of summer season. But, why? Midsummer is actually the middle of the summer, as its name suggests. So, if we celebrate the beginning of the summer season then, then we miss out…

1 May 2019
sacred home

Redecorating As a Way to Celebrate the Seasons

I wouldn’t say that I’ve got spring fever, exactly. But, I do feel the shifting of the seasons. I see signs of the season ahead, while, at the same time, the season on its way out is still holding on. And, with all of…

17 Mar 2019
monthly medicine

Week one: Pausing as we begin darkest season

Think of this week as one, long, deep breath. A much-needed pause just before setting off + settling in. Like standing in a field, on the edge of a dark forest, preparing to take off on an unknown, but much anticipated, journey into the…

5 Oct 2018
be monthly medicine

October + the dark journey home

I had a dream in the dark, early morning hours of Saturday that a deer laid her head on my left shoulder. I don’t recall my surroundings, whether I was in the woods or in a field, I just distinctly remember that a deer approached me…

2 Oct 2018
in the wild sweden

My love letter to sweet, soft Autumn

Dear soft autumn, You are just around the corner. I can feel you in the air. And in my bones. My soul is settling in. My breath is slowing + deepening. And, as each day passes, I ready myself for the slow, sweet descent…

19 Sep 2018