11 things I am obsessed with right now

It’s time for a list. Woo hoo! I’ve got a ton of blog posts planned, and I’ve been working on the site all day long, loving every minute of it, while also thinking of tons of other things that I wanna do on this fabulous, slow Sunday, when suddenly a little list post came to mind.

I’m gonna share with you some of the things that I am obsessed with right now. Like, the things that really freaking make me happy, giggly, giddy, excited, inspired and/or can’t stop thinking about. So, here we go.

Dear White People // Oh dear, is right. This series on Netflix is awesome. It’s got me laughing some, but it’s mostly got me all torn up about my thoughts on racism. I know… what?! It’s tough stuff. And soooo good. So smart. And so relevant. Check it out, if you haven’t. I’m about halfway in.


Big Little Lies // Lina + I breezed right through this series on HBO Nordic starring Reese Witherspoon + Nicole Kidman. So messed up. So dramatic. Soooooo good.


Girlboss // While I’m on a series streak. Let me tell you about Girlboss if you don’t know about it. LOVED it. Thought it would be cheesy or not my thing. But it was raw. Hilarious. Fucked up. And so insanely inspiring that I’m all ready to pull out some of my own Girlboss ass-whooping. Lina, you have to watch it, baby. I’ll watch it all over again. (Yep. I blew though that one too).



My bedroom // So, last week we rearranged. Bought plants. And the energy is out of control amazing in here. Yes, I am sitting in my bedroom right now. As I am all the time pretty much when I am home. It’s just so comfy. And inspiring. The things around me mean so much to me/us. It feels like a visual of my soul. So, if you can’t find me. This is where I am. I guarantee it.



Cacti // Speaking of plants, I can’t stop gazing at the cacti and succulents we bought last weekend. I also can’t stop taking photos of them. They are green and lovely and wild and hearty and make me think  of the wild west and summer and freedom.



Halloumi cheese // Americans, I’m not sure if you know what this is. My mom asks me every time I talk about it. It’s a cypriot, semi-hard cheese made from sheep + goats milk. It has a high melting point so it can be fried or grilled, and it is salty deliciousness. I use some in a recipe at least once a week right now. Tonight: halloumi pasta! Sometime later this week: Halloumi patties. And next weekend: Halloumi tacos. Sooooo good.



The sun // She’s finally here. It’s been sunny and warm and gorgeous for a week now. I love being outside, but just seeing her through the window makes me happy + warm. Plus… late night sunsets have arrived, so it’s not dark until after 9:30-10. Already!!


My epic year-long/one song a day playlist //  Finding the perfect song for each day has become a kind of obsession. It takes me foreeeever. Every single day. But, I feel so accomplished and amazing afterwards. Loving it. Plus, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. You can subscribe to it {here}.



Planning for my parents // I am telling everyone I see that my parents are coming to Sweden this summer. And I can’t stop thinking about what we are gonna do! I feel as if I’m making plans and coming up with ideas constantly. And it is so much freaking fun. I want to show them ev-er-y-thing!



Summer vacation // NYC and NORTH CAROLINA! I am already getting way ahead in my head when it comes to this. That’s what happens when I buy my flight tickets. Hehe. Four more weeks (I think) with students and 2 more months before my official vacation. But, god, how I am already getting summer vacay brain. I’d better slow it down a bit and enjoy May (cause the weather in June in Sweden s-u-c-k sucks). Still, I’m here. This is now. And there is so much to enjoy (this picnics, bbqs, etc.) before we even head to the States. But, when we do, it’ll be EPIC, as usual.



Family time // We’ve hung with family lately and I just love that. It’s like my brother got the vibe going and we just keep rolling along here in Uppsala. Of course, without my brother being here. Which sucks. I would really, super love it if he lived here. Beer, hanging, time together with family a few times a week. It’s been so awesome.



My god I have a good life. I am so blessed and so amazed. And, I have been working on living in the moment even harder lately. Of not trying to get all “what should I do next” obsessed, but just letting life sink in and grow roots. And, I must say, I feel less pressure. I feel more carefree… not always needing to plant the next big project. But, instead, living in the middle of what is going on right now.


With that said, it’s time for me to watch an episode of Dear White People and then cook up some delicious halloumi pasta. Happy Sunday, lovely folks!

xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “11 things I am obsessed with right now

  1. Looks like your obsessed with ALL the good stuff right now!
    I haven’t finished Big Little Lies yet (we don’t have sky at home, so we started watching it when we were cat sitting at Gem’s parents) – but my goodness I loved it – mainly because those two actresses are my FAVES!

    1. Yes, Holly, I’m overflowing with good stuff right now! 🙂 Hope you’ve got good vibes going on as well! Oh, yeah. Reece and Nicole. To die for! xo

  2. i loved Girlboss! i watched it in 2 days then forced all my friends to watch it 😉 another show i am obsessed with at the moment and which i can recommend especially if you’re also into shows which take a critical look at our society and which make us think is Black Mirror. it’s not a feel good show though!

    1. I know! I totally watched it on a weekend! Thanks for the tip… I haven’t seen it, but have wondered about it. ?

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