Weekly playlist update: Days 119-125

Let’s hear it for the weekend! And for May!


I hope it’s been a good beginning of a new month for you all. But, I know that for a few of you things have been rough. Some days + weeks are absolutely beautiful and exciting. Others are stressful and challenging. Please know that, whatever it is that you are experiencing, this moment… right now… this is your life. Because isn’t that what life really is? One changing moment to another. Constant evolution.


So, if it’s a tough one for you, hold on. Breathe through it. This moment will pass, and there is some beauty tucked away in it, I promise. So just breathe + let it come to you. Seek it. Expect it. All shall be well.


If this moment is makes your soul sing, soak it up. Breathe through it as well. Pay attention and give thanks. The moment is fleeting. So just breathe + feel the peace and calm in your soul. All is well.


You know, I think this is why I make playlists. To help me be in the moment. Music is such a concrete way for me to connect with my emotions. To highlight what I am already feeling, or to wake an emotion that I don’t know what to do with. Music is healing + inspiring, so whatever I am feeling on any given day, I can reflect that, or create a new feeling, in a song choice.


That’s what this year-long playlist project is becoming for me. Marking each day as special. With a song that fits just perfectly (as perfectly as possible + sometimes not perfectly at all, but hey, that’s life!) with whatever is happening that day. Holidays. Celebrations. Thoughts. Feelings. Vibes. I’m channeling it all into this playlist – and I cannot wait to see what the final product looks + feels + sounds like on the last day of 2017.


I hope that you, too, find some comfort + inspiration in this playlist. That you find just a couple of minutes each day to let the song of the day give you a moment of peace + rest. Alright… on with this week’s songs. (Click on the song title to listen).


Day 119: Saturday 29 April  // Come and Rest – Kaia Kater

A lazy Saturday weekend vibe. What Saturdays and weekends are supposed to be all about (in my opinion).

Day 120: Sunday 30 April //  The First Days Of Spring – Noah And The Whale

In Sweden, we celebrated Valborg on Sunday. It’s roots are from old pagan festival of fertility + newness. Everyone heads outside, picnics, celebrates with champagne, enjoys a very festival-ish feeling, and ends the day with a bonfire. For the Nordic countries, spring is officially here with this celebration! Finally!

Day 121: Monday 1 May //  People Have the Power – Remastered – Patti Smith

May Day! A day for protesting, for the people to rise up + fight. Something that is even more important + relevant day in these current global days of injustice, unrest, and corruption. Besides, Patti Smith is one of my heroes + muses with her bad ass self.

Day 122: Tuesday 2 May //  Don’t Forget to Breathe – Beulah

For me, it was back to work on Tuesday. And Tuesdays, in general, are just sometimes tough days. They are weird. So, let’s just breathe. Right?

Day 123: Wednesday 3 May // Third of May / Ōdaigahara – Edit – Fleet Foxes

Obvious, right? Hehe.

Day 124: Thursday 4 May //  Blue Ridge Mountain – Hurray For The Riff Raff

Ok, folks. Big, unexpected news here. First, Lina and I got our tickets to the States for our summer vacay!!! YAY! But, the even better thing is that my mom + day are FLYING BACK WITH US! This will be their first visit to Sweden and pretty much everyone here is so excited to see them again/meet them for the first time. I cannot explain how unbelievably excited I am. I don’t even think that it has sunk in yet. So… yeah. “My heart is a Blue Ride Mountain” like the song says.

*And just so you know, the Blue Ridge Mountains are the mountain range running through my hometown in North Carolina!

Day 125: Friday 5 May // Mexico – The Staves

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! It’s Friday + it’s a day to celebrate all things Mexican! At least that’s what my American expat self is gonna do. It’s a celebration of Mexican-American culture, and a day to commemoration the small Mexican army defeating the French. Had they not won, historians say that the French would have gone on to support the Confederacy (south, slave-owning states) and the US might have looked a whole lot different today.

Seeing as we have no good Mexican food in Uppsala (or really in Sweden…trust me, even the good places that may exist are not the same.), I’ll be making my own Mexican dishes for dinner tonight. Plus, it’s sunny + summer-y out today… so a trip to a brewpub for a beer by the river at a picnic table is also definitely in the cards. ¡Olé!


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xoxo. liz.

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