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16 photos of uppsala glowing in autumn

24 Oct 2015

hello! it’s the weekend! can i get an amen?!

this past week the weather has been gloomy, gray, and chilly. and i have loved it. but, friday, the sun came out. which actually felt quite perfect.

as the golden rays of autumn streamed into my apartment windows, i just knew that i had to get out and take a walk. i needed to take a little tour of uppsala (where i live). besides, i was gonna meet lina up a the hospital at the end of her treatment time, so it’d be perfect to leave about an hour and a half earlier and just wander.

i often do that. become a tourist in my own city. do you?

so i showered, put on a little bit of makeup, slipped into my rust-orange-colored tights, pulled on my boots, threw on a long black sweater, and wrapped a cozy gray scarf around my neck. i was absolutely channeling my favorite autumn style.


so, here we go. let’s take a long walk together in the mid-afternoon autumn sun, where, here in sweden, though it is barely 2pm, the shadows are already long, the tones are golden, the air is crisp, the sky is deep blue, and there is a magical glow everywhere i look.

enjoy your saturday, my friends! namaste.
onwards + upwards! xoxo


  • Reply Aura Eadon 24 Oct 2015 at 13:40

    Yay for weekends and such beautiful pictures Liz, it’s seeing your town through your eyes. Have a lovely and care free weekend sweetie.

    • Reply Liz 26 Oct 2015 at 14:17

      I was so excited to share them – and even more humbled by the fact that you joined in and “walked” with me. Hope your weekend was just what you needed, Aura. xoxo

  • Reply countingsheepstudio 24 Oct 2015 at 15:37

    Wow Liz, well I see you are still surrounded in daily Beauty. Thank-you for sharing your corner of the world with me! I especially loved the canal shots…breathing deep to take it all in. Enjoy the weekend! Xoxo from NC.

    • Reply Liz 26 Oct 2015 at 14:16

      I most certainly am surrounded by beauty, you are so right. And I am so glad that you enjoyed your little visit here. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Lots of love! xx

      • Reply countingsheepstudio 26 Oct 2015 at 21:46

        I certainly did and need to get out more to soak in as much of the colors as I can for the dark months ahead. 🙂

        • Reply Liz 29 Oct 2015 at 09:39

          I hope that you had a good weekend, lovely you; and found a little time to soak in the beauty of the season.

          • countingsheepstudio 30 Oct 2015 at 22:32

            Thanks much for the sentiment. I take my little moments as I can.

  • Reply Kathleen Smith 24 Oct 2015 at 17:16

    So beautiful. I mean really really beautiful! What kind of camera do you use?

    • Reply Liz 26 Oct 2015 at 14:16

      Thank you so much Kathleen! These photos were all taken with my iPhone 6 plus! xo

  • Reply kate365til 24 Oct 2015 at 17:51

    SO gorgeous!!

    • Reply Liz 26 Oct 2015 at 14:15

      Thanks, doll! xx

  • Reply Miriam | Farm Girl 25 Oct 2015 at 06:02

    I feel like I went on the walk with you, your photos are stunningly beautiful!
    I love the yellow leaves against the bright blue sky, it looks so pretty.

    • Reply Liz 26 Oct 2015 at 14:15

      Yay! So happy to have had you along with me. 🙂 Those colors are almost too much for my eyes to handle – it was so unbelievably beautiful. xoxo

  • Reply Rachel Ann 25 Oct 2015 at 06:45

    I really enjoyed this post a lot. The gorgeous sunlight filtering in through the tree branches was magical. I could almost feel the autumn breeze. Thank you for sharing this! Inspiring woman. I need to go on an autumn walk with a camera soon!! 🙂

    • Reply Liz 26 Oct 2015 at 14:14

      I am so very glad you enjoyed it – and that you almost felt as if you were there. That was my intention! Yes, get out there and take a walk! And enjoy it! 🙂 Thanks for visiting. Happy Monday to you. xo

  • Reply // week forty three // inspired by the everyday | be. love. live. 26 Oct 2015 at 13:01

    […] on friday, the sun was shining (it really was sooooo sunny and beautiful), so i decided to go on a little autumn walk around uppsala. you can see all of my photos  >>> here.  […]

  • Reply Holly 27 Oct 2015 at 18:18

    Beautiful photos! And you really did get your autumn get up on! 🙂

    • Reply Liz 29 Oct 2015 at 09:35

      I sure did!! Thanks, love! xoxo

  • Reply Meghan 28 Oct 2015 at 23:14

    Truly amazing autumn photos, Liz. I swear, I could feel the crispness in the air and the smell of the fallen leaves. The way you captured the low-angles autumn light was perfect (in my totally non-professional opinion) and I loved your use of shadow. Your Friday afternoon walk looks like the perfect way to begin a weekend. xoxo

    • Reply Liz 29 Oct 2015 at 09:33

      Thank you, Meghan. I thought about you as I walked, actually. I cannot wait until you make it to Sweden. 😉

      • Reply Meghan 29 Oct 2015 at 18:42

        I’ll get there someday, though I don’t know when. Sweden is a place I’ve always wanted to visit; I found your blog 4 years ago when I decided to search for expat blogs in countries I wanted to go to. 🙂

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