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fifty two

Week Two: The apocalypse now challenge

Well, it’s official. This challenge is a challenge. Somehow I was able to snag some photos + complete this week’s apocalypse challenge, but it was most definitely tough. I was out of town some this week. The weather wasn’t super great some days. And,…

23 Sep 2019
fifty two

Week One + the book behind the challenge

A week ago, I introduced a photography challenge that I’m going to embark on for the next 52 weeks. Well, friends, it’s time to begin! I’ve finished my first week and I’m ready to post my photos. But first, I thought I’d share with…

16 Sep 2019
fifty two

Coming Soon: 52 weeks of photography

Inspired by a weekend in Stockholm with my wife, I’ve decided to embark on a challenge for the next 52 weeks. That’s right. One whole year of weekly photography challenges. When we visited Fotografiska, the amazing photography museum in Stockholm, Lina and I picked…

8 Sep 2019

The vibes of slow living

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of + believer in slow living as a way of life. I crave a life that is centered and mindful. I crave quiet moments, solitary moments, and a calm sense of balance throughout my days. I really,…

6 Mar 2018

My one word weekend list

It’s been a few days, my friends. But, I have a good excuse… I don’t have a computer! Ok, so nothing horrible happened to mine, but my lovely wife sent me a text on Thursday (I had the day off + was just getting…

4 Jun 2017

The day I gave up on perfect days

As I was sitting in my lawn chair this past weekend, sunning + sipping on some wine. (That’s right. You read that correctly. Sunshine + sitting outside in Sweden!! Spring may have actually finally arrived!). Anyway, as I was sitting there, I started thinking…

3 May 2017