27 + 28: The weeks that our urban loft became a home

We were gone from the loft for a week + that means I’m a week behind on my “weekly” posts. But, it also was the time needed for Lina + I to begin to start to see our urban loft as home. They always say that going away makes you appreciate home, or something like that. Whatever the phrase/thought is, being way from the loft meant that we got to then come to back it… to return home. And somehow that had a very bonding affect for us… longing to be home while we were away, thinking of our new space, and then finally turning the key + opening the door upon return. It felt so right and it felt like we landed a bit more deeply in this new loft space we call home.

We are far from feeling completely at home in our new space, but even with being away for some days, we have made a ton of progress as we began to settle down a bit. Lina has been a workhorse, emptying boxes and organizing and unpacking. We decided on a strategy of just putting things in places to get them out of boxes and out of the apartment, so things are organized + close to where they might stay. But, more than ever, we are taking this process a bit slower than we have in the past. That gives us a chance to live in the loft for a little while, learning what our patterns + routines are, letting the our space speak to us, remaining flexible so we can change things around a little, making things feel just right.

So, I’ve got a few loft life photos to share with you. And, then, I also have photos from our little vacay in the Swedish archipelago. I’ve done quite a few posts on the archipelago, as it’s an annual summer trip (when we are in Sweden). If you want to see more, then just click right here. But, of course, I’ve gotta share a few of the stories + snaps from this summer too.

First off… we walked the 3 minute walk downtown early on our first Monday in Norrköping to do errands. But, since it’s a super hot summer here in Sweden, we started off the day with iced vanilla lattes. Then, we did our errands and ended our day at one of our favorite restaurants – also only about 2 minutes from the loft. Delicious food + super delicious drinks were totally enjoyed on their back patio area. This is one of those places that is a hidden jewel – we recommend Urbane Goat 100%!

Now, here are a few photos from inside the loft. It looks so different today as I type this. But, I thought I’d start off with how it looked the first week were here. During the week, I used the balcony as my little sacred morning space, enjoyed my ritual coffee in bed, and basked in the gorgeous sunset sky over the city.

We hung our first piece of art – our War Is Over poster honoring John Lennon + our desire for peace in this home and around the world. Sounds cheezy, I know. But, it’s true. It’s the vibe we want to call into our home.

And, finally, we got the bed up! Lina worked on it and I helped when she needed 4 hands. It looks so amazing in the bedroom and feels so good to be sleeping in it again (the last few months in the Yellow Villa we slept only on mattresses on the floor). Plus, we ordered a tv for the wall in the bedroom! Luxury delux!

More errands during the week.. mostly looking for a dining table. A little evening swim at Lina’s sister’s place. And our first pizza night in the loft!

My love also booked us hair appointments and I decided to get myself a little bit of a new do! Nothing drastic, just some long layers. But, it has changed the flow of my hair + I love it.

One evening we walked 2 minutes in another direction, through the industrial river area which we see from our loft balcony, to a favorite brewpub, Knäppingen. We hadn’t been here in a while and it has totally grown. Plus, there’s the whole summer vibe now. I think the last time we were here it was winter like 5 years ago or something. Anyway, we ordered a locally brewed beer (brewed on site, since it’s a brewery) and some snacks. Holy snack heaven! And the beer was delish too!

We sat and discussed how we feel about everything and came to the conclusion that making the loft our home is the best decision we could have made right now. Plus, Norrköping feels so different. So alive! There is both Asheville + teeny tiny NYC pulse that seems to be running through this city that seems to be changing with the times. A cozy, funky, relaxed, friendly mood is everywhere.

And then there’s this: these epic sunset’s from the loft balcony. Every single night it’s mind-blowing + inspiring. And I refuse to ever fall into the trap of taking it for granted, Any of it. My goal, as always, is mindful presence. Wonder + awe. Gratitude + peace.

Ok, y’all. I was totally gonna add the archipelago photos + stories to this post, but now I want to just let these photos of this first week in the loft have a post of their own. They deserve that. I’ll get right on a post from our little vacay by the sea + get that up ASAP so I can get back in my groove + get caught up.

Alright. The goal is to post the archipelago tomorrow, then there’s a full moon which I want to recognize + write about (but I think I’ll send out a newsletter for that), and then on Sunday I’ll be able to post about this week – and there’s a ton of stuff that’s been happening this week! Then, I’ll be all caught up + it’ll feel good in my soul.

Wishing you the best Wednesday, loves. See you tomorrow! xoxo. liz.

#LoftLife: (Inspo from The Loft -that’s the name of our apartment):

Urbane Goat – restaurant with an cultural flair

Knäppingen – brewery + pub

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