28 (for real): The week that I was one with Swedish nature

It’s not as cozy + amazing as it sounds. And at the same time, it’s true… I was absolutely one with Swedish nature last week. The twist is that it was peaceful + inspiring, while it was also terrifying + revealing.

Last week, we made our annual (when we are in Sweden) summer trip to the archipelago, one of the most beautiful parts of Swedish nature. Only about 2 hours from home, we packed up food + other necessities, hopped in the car, and made our way out of the city + deep into the Swedish nature, where forests meet the sea.

Just as last year, the camp where we stayed had a few Covid restrictions, so there weren’t as many people there + that meant that we were able to reserve a cute little red cabin for the week. The best thing about the cabin? The front porch! The worst? All of the creepy crawlies get inside.

Ok. Here’s where I found myself one with Swedish nature in ways that I do not want to be. First of all, it was hoooooot all week long. A real heatwave came through Sweden + there was no relief from it anywhere – except in the water, which I couldn’t get into because of my toe surgery back in June. Anyway, because of the heat we seriously needed the windows + doors open to the cabin, but then…. all of those bugs and spiders and ticks. Oh my god am I afraid of ticks. And apparently this summer is a big one for ticks. Gaaah. Yuck!

I have no idea why I was so much more sensitive to bugs + things this year, but I was. Like freeeaked out. And we refused to sleep with the windows open (since the screens are broken), so it was suffocatingly hot. I literally couldn’t sleep one night and almost had a legit panic attack. Thank god for texting my mom at 1am and for deep breathing. I finally did fall asleep. What’s more, I was so irritated + disappointed in myself for being so squeamish and scared. It was so extreme. I did not want spiders and moths and ants crawling all over me or even near me. What the hell was wrong with me?

Needless to say, there were many moments that I felt like I could not relax and just chill because I was so out of sync + so not at one with Swedish nature.

At the same time, this summer week always gives me a chance to simplify + slow down. And this year was no different. I think that I truly did become at one with the rhythms of Swedish nature. Moving slowly, taking it easy, sinking into the quiet, reflective season of a hot + steamy summer. This was balm for my soul.

There were short walks in the forest…

And lots of time down by the water…

Even a spontaneous day trip to the closest harbor town…

I never really got over my bug issue, which definitely was a problem that I may need to deal with. It made me so uncomfortable to be so freaked out, but it is what it is. I did not let it hinder me completely. And so, while I was not a complete one with all of Swedish nature, I was definitely at one with feeling grounded, centered, and contemplative. The sun was intense + powerful, humidity hung in the thick summer air, and my pace slowed to a very relaxed, contemplative crawl. I started a fantastic book about witches, I laughed + played games with Lina, and I pretty much spent the entire week outside.

It was a lovely week off the grid + it served as some kind of reset button I realize now. Moving me from that just moved in feeling of our first week in Norrk√∂ping to feeling a deep longing to return to our home, our new loft apartment in a new city. It was official… I had emotionally made the move and it felt amazing.

We arrived home again on Friday afternoon. We ran errands, did laundry, and settled into clean, cozy sheets in our own bed. The heatwave continued, but now we had our fans + the comfort of our breezy balcony – which ironically seems to be filled with spiders as soon as the sun begins to set.

Finally, to round out the week, we spent Saturday working on the apartment + then headed out to a new brewery in town. Turns out, it was a super chill place. We sat outside, sipped beer, talked with strangers about changes in the city, and then ate some burgers before heading home to fall into bed + watch some tv.

This week – both being away + being at home – definitely showed me that I have started. to really settle in. Not only in our new home, but also in who I am. As I mentioned before, I was so irritated that I was so irritated by the bugs. But, somehow, I began to understand that I am more of a city girl than I realized or wanted to admit. But, something in me has accepted that now in a whole new way. It does not, however, change the fact that the moon + the stars + trees + the ground + and all of nature still speaks to me. The medicine of the Swedish nature has shown me that I am firmly planted on the ground, but that I truly am a place where the cosmic spirit + the ancient earth meet. And that is what makes me whole.

Now we’re all caught up! This is week 29 right now, so I’ll share all of the happenings + adventures of this week on Sunday. Until then, it’s time for us to experience July’s full moon + the shift into Leo season. But, I’ve got a plan to write more about that in a newsletter, I think.

However, here’s a little almost full moon pic for you, taken from my dining room window. It’s the first time I saw the moon from our new apartment + it truly felt like she was welcoming me home.

Blessed full moon blessing this weekend, loves. xoxo liz.

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