# 3. fourth of july. reynolds style.

i decided that these next pictures were so important, they needed their own post! here are some snapshots of a good ole american holiday… celebrated the reynolds (my family name) way! of course, there are always fireworks on the 4th of july (USA’s independence day), across every state & in many cities. but the reynolds family isn’t satisfied with the local fireworks. hehe. for as long as i can remember, we have gotten our own to supplement, and boy, has that changed over the years. i can recall being a teenager, going to watch the fireworks, and then coming back to our rented house together & heading out onto the beach to hold 1 foot (33-ish cm) sparklers in our hands. and we loved it! so it became a tradition to have fireworks on the last day of our vacation together every year – even when we weren’t there during the 4th. well, this year, the 4th came right in the middle of our beach week, and we did it up right! my uncle and my cousin’s husband got our fireworks (wink wink), and this year we put on a show for the entire beach area around our house! it was amazing!!! so, we’ve graduated from little sparklers to real fireworks & super-long sparklers. it was fantastic! a tradition that we look forward to every year!! wonder what’s to come?!! happy 4th of july!!!

the good ole american flag.

atlantic beach’s fireworks. they were a good show, but on the 3rd of july. why, you ask? i did too. but, the 4th was on a monday, so they wanted to have it on the weekend. understandable. plus, we still had our own fireworks for the real day!

no 4th of july is complete without some grillin’…

… and some chillin’.

it was windy. the men had to huddle to get a spark going… (by the way, see how long & big the sparklers are now? no 1 foot/33cm baby sparklers for us anymore!) 

yay!!!!!! here we go! we were all so excited!

BOOM!!!! at this point, we were all screaming & laughing & jumping like little kids.

everybody loves a good sparkler while watching our fireworks.

happy 4th!!!

stay tuned for part 4 tomorrow…. peace out!

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