This Is Me: A 6 week online retreat to help you realign your life

So, this is me. Or at least the top of my head and my left hand. Complete with gray/white hairs and all. But, you know what, I love + embrace it all. The good. The not so good. The disappointing moments. And the bad ass ones. All of it is lovely. Because all of it is me. True story. And, yes, it has taken me years to get to the point to be able to say that… I totally admit that. However, my 30s were a kick ass awesome learning experience, but being in my 40s has been a real hippie love fest for myself. What this all means is that I have found that sweet spot of accepting + loving living my life as just me. And I have settled into a deep, secure space of knowing my purpose/my call/my meaning.

Happy first day of the This Is Me letter retreat! I am so, so, so very happy that I get to write to you for the next 6 Wednesdays. 

Now, don’t think I’ve got all this shit about life figured out, cuz I don’t Not by a long shot. But, I have found a bunch of things that work for me. I have learned some deep stuff about just being me. And, in all of that, I just want to share some of my stories so that you can discover yours. Because you are freaking amazing just as you are. And there is some bad ass stuff out there just waiting for you to claim it + create it.

So, now, back to this first letter in the This Is Me letter series + the introduction to the next 6 weeks.

What better way to observe the changing of the seasons, actually, than by deciding to focus on who we are + who we are called to be? It’s the perfect time to slow down, take a step back, and begin again from the depths of our soul. And, when it comes to the soul, this time of year is the perfect spiritual time to focus on taking an inward journey in the wilderness of who we are.

To simply sit with myself, thinking about everything from who I am, how I fuck up, what’s amazing about me, to what I feel called to focus on next in my life. Who am I supposed to be? How do I want to live? What’s important to me? What inspires me? Why am I here? How does my existence make a difference? 

Reflecting on these questions, has nothing to do with religion, though, and everything to do with waking up to who we are called to be.

And that involves a bunch of crazy shit. Like admitting our mortality + knowing that life is precious + short (hence the idea of ashes on Ash Wednesday – a reminder that we are from the earth + that we return to it). It also means coming face to face with those things that tempt us, those things that we tend to turn to in order to make ourselves feel better (power, material things, our egos, external things, the desire for a quick fix). It means being willing to look at all of this and then re-prioritize + re-align our life with who we really want to be, what kind of life we really want to create.

It also means accepting + understand how freaking awesome we are in all of our unique ways. It means discovering, uncovering, and listening to the whispers of our soul + finding the courage to actually act on the nudges + pushes that we feel + receive from the universe, from the energy around us, and from that sacred spark that is within us all.

Yes, this is the season of awakening to who we are + who we are called to be.

And that’s just what these next 6 weeks are going to be all about. So, are you ready to begin?

Even though we begin today with a teeny, tiny bit of mortality talk, this is not a depressing 6 weeks ahead. Quite the opposite. It is as empowering as we want it to be. As empowering as we make it. Because taking a good, honest look at who we are, where we are, and how we want to live is just the thing to help us wake up + carpe the fucking diem out of every single damn day. It is a journey to discovering (over + over again) our true self.

For the first 3 weeks, we’re focusing on our true self. On our souls. On getting in touch + getting grounded to the Source that inspires us. On discovering the wisdom that is within + all around us.

And the last 3 weeks are then devoted to aligning our lives with our purpose. To finding + defining our passion. The heeding that call that is on each of our lives to use who we are for whatever we know we are meant to be + do. And to digging into the courage + bravery that we already have within us to make it all happen.

It’s time, wild one. Life is fucking short. It’s time to step into the life that we are meant to live. Time to begin to awaken to the who we really are meant to be. Time to take a stand + step into our passion. These 6 weeks are a call for us to re-examine, re-discover, re-prioritize, and restore.

So, there you go. A very fluid + simple outline for us. Today we commit to the journey. Knowing that it was take us all over our inner world. First, 3 weeks of exploring + reconnecting with our soul; and, then, 3 weeks of aligning our life with all that our souls share with us. It’s a journey to being + becoming who we really are.

Which, in my little opinion, is what everything is all about.

I’m about to hit publish on this post to you, my friend. And I am so freaking excited about this journey. I hope you’re excited too – even if you may be a little uncertain, confused, or unsure about it all. Trust your soul… and know that the fact that you’re reading this is a sign in itself. Trust that and lean into it. And send me a message (comment below) should you have any questions or thoughts. Really. Contact me. We’ll chat it out.

Until next time, extra love to you + your freaking beautiful soul. xoxo. liz

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