The medicine of ordinary life: Living in rhythm with nature

Equinox Rituals: It’s Mid March + time to check in with our calling

Equinox Rituals: Harnessing the energy from within

This Is Me: Week 6. The cost of being who you are + why it’s worth it

This Is Me: Week 5. The key to creating the life you want starts today

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This Is Me: A 6 week online retreat to help you realign your life

Into The Wild: The importance of blazing your own trail

Into The Wild: Why it’s the perfect time for a spring cleanse for our soul

Into The Wild: The day I did everything wrong + let my creative spirit run free

Into The Wild: When all you seek is just a little bit of peace + quiet

Into The Wild: Are you ready to accept the journey that is calling to you?

a song for our journey on the long dark road

02.16. the month of brave // why we should all live wild + free

meditation mondays: walking through holy week

meditation mondays: i just realized i’ve been wandering in the desert too.

fat tuesday + uppsala’s grand cathedral: time to move forward

dreary. rainy. and full of purpose.

40 days in a cathedral: week 5

a pilgrimage down into the deep

40 days in a cathedral: week four.

40 days in a cathedral: week 3

40 days in a cathedral: week two

sensory overload. part 10.

40 days in a cathedral: week one

40 days in a cathedral

wednesday wisdom: rules of living # 4


skulls and flowers for friday.

jesus, the supreme court, & me.

one word wednesday.

the one where you start to write about one thing & end up going in a whole different direction.

one word wednesday.

halfway there.

february 29. bonus day.

out in the sunshine.

ash wednesday in another way.

je ne sias pas.