# 6. home.

well, here it is. the last group of pictures from our amazing, wonderful, went-by-way-too-quickly trip to the states! we crammed a lot in, in a pretty short time period, and loved every minute of it! i must admit that it has been hard to come back & leave the states just when we were really getting back into the groove of things. there is a sense of freedom there (and not the patriotic, the USA-is-better-than-everyone-else, poor-people-who-live-in-the-rest-of-the-world freedom that most americans think of when they hear the word “freedom”) that i feel that is unlike anywhere else. it’s an internal freedom, a carefree-ness. perhaps it comes from the fact that the USA is so big and so unbelievably diverse. you can be whoever you want there. and there’s that feeling of adventure, along with a relaxed way of living (except for those who choose to live in the midst of a crazy, corporate life, amassing things that they never have time to enjoy), the possibility of spontaneity in every day life. i can’t describe it well. i’s just a feeling, and i got a taste of it for 3 weeks this summer. and it was wonderful!

not that there aren’t many, many things i appreciate about living in sweden. first, the fact that i can live here & my marriage is recognized. (something which is not possible for lina in the states… yet.). and then, there’s the social system. i’ve just been added to the population as one who has rights to get help, assistance, a job (and help finding it), money for studying swedish (and i studied for free), cheaper doctor’s visits… i could go on. plus, i get to walk everywhere, or take public transportation, which allows me to do my part to help the environment. and the amount of environmental awareness in this country as a whole is phenomenal! so a country where they care about each other/take care of each other, take care of the environment, ensure equality for all people (even immigrants), have mandated month long vacation time for everyone, drink coffee & sit with each other on a daily basis, have beautiful old buildings & interesting, new architecture in their cities, and have a breathtaking landscape is an amazing country to live in! i do love it here…

and i do love it in the states. the thing is, i am overwhelmed by the fact that i have two amazing, different, and beautiful places which i call home. i realize that many do not have even one place to call home. so, i am aware that i must never take that for granted. i am blessed. and i am so thankful for both of my physical homes. however, there would be no true home without my love by my side. so, these last few photos are of us… soaking in and enjoying our moments in the states. wherever i am with my love… that is my home. ♥

 my love & me. at home… all over the world.

thanks for reading & following. peace, brothers & sisters.

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  1. Hey honey. Thx for all the pics. I’m glad you had such an amazing time and I’m sure it recharged your American batteries to get you going for a long time! xx

  2. Beautiful pictures, and beautiful descriptions of both countries!! Fantastic post!

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