summer lovin’

week 52 // the week that was filled with holiday celebrations

week 51 // the week that was the week before christmas (+ a video!)

week forty nine // the week that i trusted the process

week forty eight // the week that i gave thanks

week forty seven // the week that i almost missed it all

week forty six // the week i said “screw you” to my routines

ten on ten :: november 2015 // creating the life you want

// week 45 // weekend #2 of becoming a life coach

week forty four // two ways to celebrate life + death

// week forty three // inspired by the everyday

// week forty two // why my mondays are my yin + yang

// week forty one // nature + music + home. where i find my peace.

// week thirty nine // the one where liz turns 41

// week thirty eight // it’s the little things that mean the most

// week thirty seven // the answer is blowin in the wind

// week thirty six // a whirlwind of a week

// week thirty five // just when everything was getting back to normal…

// week thirty four // for the love of routines + rituals

// week thirty three // how to end your staycation with a bang

// week thirty one (part 1) // north carolina meets sweden

// week twenty nine // there’s nothing like a good work/play balance in life

// week twenty six // summer has really begun + our beer is ready for tasting!

// week twenty five // midsummer + other little moments

// week twenty four // the first peek at swedish summer

| week twenty three | a spectacular wedding, an international visitor + keeping the balance

week twenty two | asheville vibes, pubs, and friends

| week twenty one |

a week ago today: our (real) move to uppsala

ten things i learned during my first three weeks in uppsala

playing tour guide in uppsala

three week limbo period: complete!

happy new year from us!

a day of rest

everyday life update: preparing to be an expat again + holiday cheer

so grateful for it all

hanging out together

school supplies + coffee + nesting at home + breweries

empty nesters

goodbye, weekly sensory overload.

sensory overload. part 14.

sensory overload. part 13.

sensory overload. part 12.

sensory overload. part 10.

sensory overload: part 9

sensory overload. part 8.

sensory overload: part 7

where is paradise to you?