autumn: the season filled with the most important things

it’s finally here. yippee!

the cozy season of autumn is upon us. it’s the season of turning inward. of coming inside. of harvesting + giving thanks for what has been. of planting seeds (literally and figuratively) that will burst forth next spring. and all the while, though the darkness grows more and more until the winter solstice, and it feels if all the nature is sleeping, there is much that is happening, though we cannot see it. it is the time of the year to dig down + deep. and to let our souls rest, plan, and feel inspired. working towards that next phase in our lives, whatever it may be.

sunset autumn trees

and today, on this day, we have a moment of perfect balance to inspire our reflections and deams. the amount of light + dark is spread out completely evenly throughout the day. what a magical day to think about the balance in our lives. to observe how we are living. to become aware. to see where we have been + what we have done, and to look forward to what we want to manifest and make happen in our lives.

of course, the opposite is happening in the southern hemisphere, the light is returning and life is beginning to burst forth. nevertheless, the balance is evident and present in the south as well.

it’s just such a perfectly sacred time of the year for everyone to pause for just a moment.

mountains autumn

to celebrate the onset of this favorite time of year of mine, i thought i’d do a little autumn-inspired q + a. my love shared her thoughts about the season on her blog the other day, so i decided i’d steal the idea from her and do a little sharing of my own.

What do you imagine when you think of fall?

i imagine leaves lining the streets + sidewalks: red, gold, orange, brown. crisp blue skies. bright sunshine. the mountains filled with colors. a cozy feeling. the chance to go indoors + inward – perfect for a contemplative like myself.

maxwell street autumn zola coffee blankets

asheville downtown autumn

What’s the worst with fall?

right now the worst with fall is that i am not in north carolina. i know i am supposed to be in the present moment, but that’s just how it is. plus, it is considerably darker and rainier in sweden than in north carolina. so much so that people usually leave town for a week or so, if they’ve saved up any vacation time. i miss my beloved mountains. and while my love + i are determined to create the traditions + moments that we miss, it’s not the same. i miss my family + friends. pity party over now.

the bywater

And what’s the best with fall?

the traditions! the holidays! including my birthday! and halloween, and all saint’s day cemeteries in sweden, and thanksgiving, and the beginning of christmas decorating. there is so much to celebrate! (and see above answer to understand the bittersweet part of all of this).

me lina birthday autumn

carving pumpkins

Your fall outfit?

here are some of my staples: jeans. t-shirt + sweater. boots. scarves. finger gloves. colored tights. black skirt.

pumpkin beer

What do you have on your to do-list?

celebrate all of those awesome holidays. light candles like crazy. drink chai latte. binge on netflix. gather leaves + berries. celebrate turning 41. take walks. start my life coach class. carve a pumpkin. choose a kick ass costume for halloween. host a halloween party. host thanksgiving. read books. take photos. makes videos. have a home retreat. find some pumpkin beer in sweden! (there has to be some somewhere). make soups (and chili). hang more cozy twinkle lights.

vegetables autumn me halloween dark wig river autumn asheville

How to you treat fall “depression”?

see the above answer. hehe.

Best music for rainy days?

i’m a playlist kind of girl, and i’ve been creating one every single month for the past year. here are the ones that i have published already. but, be sure to follow me on spotify + then you will see october + novermber’s playlists when they come out this year.

september 2014

september 2015

october 2014

november 2014

What TV-series are the best to watch?

this is easy! the walking dead. grey’s anatomy. game of thrones (we are just starting that one!).

Your most fall-ish meal?

i’m gonna have to say our thanksgiving meal. it’s just such a classic american thing that has been a part of my life forever. and one of my favorite meals of all! if you’re not american, then you may not quite get this, but… i mean: turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes with marshmallows. green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, corn pudding, cranberry sauce (which i hate, but i still have to have it on my thanksgiving table), bread, stuffing. good lord, my tummy is grumbling. only 2 months left!


the other dish that i love to prepare is homemade chili. i probably make it different every single time, but that’s ok. the best is to have it on a chilly, rainy day. and after it’s been sitting and cooking for hours. serve it with lots of cheese + nacho chips for dipping. or homemade french fries (for dipping as well. is hat weird?).

Any trips planned?

we actually have no trips planned until possibly next spring. at least we don’t think we will go anywhere this fall… but you never know! and while my wanderlust is out of control and i would hop on a plane to anywhere right now, i know that it’s not possible right this very minute. and it really is ok. i’ve got plenty to keep me busy with work, lina’s health, traditions, holidays, and just soaking up autumn in uppsala- i am sure it will be beautiful, and that some of my homesickness will be abated.

mountain road autumn

but, do we ever have trips on the brain! paris in the spring (my cousin just moved there!). berlin sometime next year to visit our f reminds’ new apartment + another american friend who just moved there. dublin to visit our dear friends + their new little dumpling. and THE STATES next summer. good thing we live in europe and get lots of vacation time + can go to 3 of 4 of those places for just a long weekend.

dream trips for as soon as it is possible (after these other trips are taken care of): india. bali. tokyo.

How do you prepare for winter?

stock up on candles! buy + forage decorations for all of the holidays. make christmas lists. peruse pinterest. plan blog posts. begin to plan goals and a word for the coming year. bring out blankets. buy some mulled wine. work on a photography book for 2015. hang even more cozy twinkle lights.

photo album christmas lights

as i’ve been preparing this post, i have had a revelation. i now know exactly why autumn is the best time of year for me. it is the season that highlights  all of the most important things to me:

nature, family, traditions, holidays, balance, darkness, light, home, coziness/contemplative times.

now i get it. this is the season that includes all of those things that touch my soul the most. and no matter where i am, i can carry that feeling with me. i can create three months of autumn coziness exactly as i want them. there is no person or place stopping me. it may not be the same, but it will only be added memories + traditions + moments to my life, making it that much richer.

it is a magical time of the year where anything can happen. the changes inspire us to expand and reset.

so, as the days grow ever shorter, as darkness creeps over the land and fills the sky once again, i know that in my soul autumn teaches me what is most important in life. autumn brings with it the chance to slow down just enough to be grateful for all that is a part of life, and to begin to plant those seeds within my soul that will be the next part of my life.

for now, though, as they are harvested and planted anew, it is just time to wait. and be. and go with the flow. the cycle of life is doing exactly what she should. mother nature is teaching us, once again, as the leaves drift down to the ground that another season is over…. but in its place, in due time, a new season will begin. for now, we simply enjoy the colors and the traditions and the joys that are around us.

happy fall, y’all! go ahead + copy this list for your blog. i’d love to read what you love about autumn (or spring!)
onwards + upwards! xo

all photos are from asheville, north carolina. autumn 2014.

15 thoughts on “autumn: the season filled with the most important things

  1. Ah, it will be here soon. You can feel it in the air. Loved your lists, all great things to do. Personally I want to have more traditions, I think they help you stay grounded, no matter what you are. Gorgeous pics!

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Traditions and rituals keep me so grounded. Thanks for reading and commenting! And I’m glad you like the lists!

  2. It made me so EXCITED to see you wrote Tokyo as one of the dream tips!! YES! Tokyo it is, one day!!! Woo hoo!!!

  3. Isn’t it such a wonderful feeling when you have a revelation as you are writing a blog post? I’ve had a few of those myself, and absolutely love it. Your photos are dreamy, and totally put me in the mood for the upcoming season. Fall has always been my favourite, for all the reasons you listed. Here is to making (new) memories in Sweden!

    1. Miriam, it feels like you got the exact feeling that I was feeling and evoking throughout this blog. How wonderful it feels when someone “gets” what you’re saying. Wishing you a cozy, wonderful fall as well!

  4. Although I would say summer is my favorite season (I’m a bit cold-blooded, so I just relish the sunshine and warmth), fall is a close second. Partly because my birthday is in October, which has always made it special. But also because of exactly what you described in this post: the coziness, the beautiful colors, the lovely traditions and celebrations, the shining beacons of light in the midst of growing darkness. And of course cute sweaters, scarves, boots, and the like. 🙂 I must say, reading this post made me much more excited for this season! I wish you and Lina the best as you find ways to make your traditions your own in your first year back in Sweden!

    1. Oh, how crazy is it that you live so far in the north Carissa?! Glad that you found some of your excitement in this post! Wishing you all the best as you nest and cozy up this fall. Hugs and love to you!

  5. great post! I love fall, too. I live in Germany but have lived in Michigan for a few years so I totally get how you miss all the awesome holidays in the US, though of course you probably do so even more than me because you grew up with them. I also love the snow a lot, last winter there was no snow in Germany and I’m used to tons of snow from Michigand. Well, you won’t have that problem in Sweden 😉 Also thanks for sharing this awesome September playlist! I love it! Have a beautiful fall 🙂

    1. Hello Sunita! So nice to meet you! Sounds like you absolutely get those feelings I have about missing traditions. And, I am certain that even after a few years, you miss them too. When I am away from Sweden, I most definitely miss Swedish traditions as well. What a blessing, though, it is to have two places that I call home. 🙂 Can’t wait to get over and stalk your blog a little. Hehe. 😉

  6. Ooooo I feel mega Autumnal and Christmasy after reading this! I am very excited for a cosy autumn and winter, mostly because last year our house was pretty much out of action for three months with all the building work we did and no kitchen, so I feel this year I need to enjoy the seasons, like, twice as much! plus there’s no wedding planning (which is wonderful in it’s own way) and we have a few good trips planned to fill the bits in between!
    I love the festiveness you are exuding already!
    I love the coldness coming just so I can embrace black tights and boots again! 😉 oh and really starting to make the most of that coffee machine in work haha!

    1. Haha! Glad that I was spreading so much holiday festiveness with this post!! Oh, yes, it will be so nice for you two to really enjoy your holidays this year, without all of the renovations and weddings planning underway! Now is the time to nest and enjoy the every day. 🙂 Love to you!

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