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How I am shifting into the holiday season

I had a whole post in mind to share with you last weekend. A way to welcome the holiday season with a sense of presence + meaning. But, obviously, that didn’t happen. Never fear, though. That post is going to be shared (hopefully!) tomorrow…

5 Dec 2020

It’s the simple moments that make the best holiday

It’s always so surreal traveling between countries. Suddenly, I find myself in my home state, with my family and memories of my old life all around me. And then, just as abruptly, I pop back into my everyday life in Sweden, often wondering if…

10 Jan 2019
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: Don’t Dim to Fit In

We just talked about dimming our lights in the last post – and now I’ve gone and pulled the Don’t Dim to Fit In card. Magic! The Soul Family card from my first post challenged me to stop dimming my light to the world…

4 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: Soul Family

Here we go, holiday lovelies. Welcome to our December soul family. I am suggesting that we are a family, a tribe, because throughout the month we will be gathering here, in this space, together. To read. To reflect. To plan ahead. Now, we may…

2 Dec 2018
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: A reflective Yule calendar

Hello, December! Can you believe it?! The holidays are here and we are entering the depths of the midwinter season. For us in the northern hemisphere that means that it’s still getting darker every single day. At least for a few more weeks. And,…

30 Nov 2018
the week that was series

01. The week that was the first one

I’m bringing back my weekly post series – and I couldn’t be happier. Last year I didn’t do a weekly roundup post, and turns out, I missed it terribly. So 2018 is the year of the comeback. And I cannot wait to get started…

7 Jan 2018

Day 19: Merry Swedish Christmas Eve

In Sweden, we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. It’s an entire day filled with food, music, family, and traditions. And, this year, is a “Sweden year” for me + Lina; so we’ve taken the train down to Norrköping to spend the weekend with Lina’s…

24 Dec 2017