A day in the life: Saturday in September edition

Happy weekend, loves. Yesterday I woke up and thought: Let’s do a day in the life! Not because I was doing anything super special during the day, but just because the idea came to me. And it’s such a fun little post to share my regular ole life with y’all.

Before I get into my regular ole Saturday, I just want to acknowledge that I know that there are millions of people in my sweet home of North Carolina (including my family) who are experiencing anything but regular days this weekend. And my heart goes out to them. My thoughts are with them + I am trying to stay as informed as possible on how Hurricane Florence is affecting them + so many places I love.

With that said, here in Sweden, it is an absolutely gorgeous pre-autumn weekend. Warm sunshine. Cool, crisp air. And all of those autumn vibes are just bubbling within me.

Lina’s parents came up for the weekend, so we’ve got access to a car + that means that we can take care of some errands, spend time with family, and do a little exploring as well. Saturday, my day in the life, consisted mostly of errands + a big family trip to IKEA. And I was able to snag some autumn decorations. I am soooooo in the autumn mood.

Alrighty. Here’s a day in my life!

early morning oracle cards » photo editing » avocado breakfast » cellar errands » ikea! » lunch at ikea with everyone in uppsala. hehe. » vegan meatballs + french fries » our niece (and her parents) join us » autumn pillow cases » finally buying a cot for visitors » all done » super thirsty liz » bauhaus visit (like lowes/home depot) » succulent love » afternoon fika » got some pumpkins. eeeeek! » cozy lina + zola » started new series: castle rock on hbo. freaking freaky. » super cozy night with my love »

Today, Sunday, is going to be beautiful here again. So, I think we will find our way out of the city + into a forest. Or that’s my hope. But, who knows. We shall see! It’s always good to have an idea + an intention, but to stay flexible + open to whatever comes our way, right? Wishing you a beautiful Sunday as well, loves. And, North Carolina, stay safe.

xoxo. liz.

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