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Rituals + Routines: School’s back in session

In my last post, I shared that this slow, different, Covid-19 summer in Sweden taught me the rhythm of my soul in a very real , concrete way. I ended my vacation literally feeling + living the rhythms of my soul. But, now, work…

23 Aug 2020
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Rest: Settling into the rhythms of summer

Summer is supposed to be all about rest I think. And I am lucky enough to live in a country (Sweden) that values the importance of creating space for rest by making the work-life balance a priority. I have all of July off. So…

16 Jul 2020
solstice sunshine trees aligned

Midsummer Rituals: Aligned with the Great Sun

Happy Solstice, loves. What a time of magic + illumination is it! A time when we find ourselves aligned with the great sun. The longest day of the year, when more light is available to us than any other day. So that’s gotta be…

24 Jun 2019
soul candle protection

Midsummer Rituals: The importance of Soul Protection

Today’s Midsummer Rituals post is gonna be super short. And that’s because I writing this by the gate, waiting to catch my flight to the States! My summer vacation starts right now + Lina and I are jetting off to North Carolina for the…

20 Jun 2019