The vibes I’m bringing to 2022

Blogmas: Why we need a day of rest to care for ourselves

Blogmas: How to keep it simple + still feel all the holiday vibes

29: The week that made me want to slow down

The medicine of the window: 10 Days of Intention.Day 5.

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It’s midsummer weekend + this is my last Corona Diaries post

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February roundup: Using my extra day to celebrate the ordinary ones

solstice sunshine trees aligned

Midsummer Rituals: Aligned with the Great Sun

soul candle protection

Midsummer Rituals: The importance of Soul Protection

Things are changing + I am celebrating 8 years on belovelive


The week that I started embodying me

The week that set the tone for an intuitive 2019

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03. The week that was a lesson in living an extraordinary life

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