a different angle.

day 8: angle

sometimes we all get stuck. you know, same old thing day after day. same job. same people. same routine. life can be boring. regular. normal. so, there is something to be said for looking at life with a different angle, a different perspective. something to be said for doing the same thing, but thinking about it in a different way. or by not doing the same thing, but trying something new. like spicing up your life by taking a different way to work or wearing something different than your regular, old style. or by saying hello to a person standing in line with you. some days it’s important to try to see things from a different angle, to not let ourselves get stuck – in our thoughts, our routines, our beliefs, our old ways. we simply must be open to discovering new angles, new opinions, new experiences, new opportunities. just something i was thinking about today.

A wider of more altruistic attitude is very relevant in today’s world. If we look at the situation from various angles, such as the complexity and inter-connectedness of the nature of modern existence, then we will gradually notice a change in our outlook, so that when we say ‘others’ and when we think of others, we will no longer dismiss them as something that is irrelevant to us. We will no longer feel indifferent.” ~the dalai lama

peace, love, & understanding.

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