nyköping by the sea.

on the east coast of sweden, a little bit south of stockholm, and just a 45 minute bus ride north of norrköping (where i live), lies a little city by the sea. it’s no metropolis, but it’s no mere village either. it’s got everything you need – well, everything i need – and, as i said, it’s by the sea. which i love.

yesterday (saturday) i had the chance to visit nyköping for the first time. my love & i were going to meet friends (one of them lives there) for the day… a kind of reunion for my love & her college friends (of which i have become part of the gang – lucky me!). the day was perfect. truly. spending time with my love & the girls was fantastic, and the weather… i can’t even begin to describe it. it was peeerrrfectly stunning. the. whole. day. sweden gave us a fall day better than any other fall day in my recent memory.

a chilly, but beautiful walk to the bus station to start the day.
entertaining myself with some music in my ears.
the swedish countryside passing by.
reading a little to pass the time.
trying to find our way through nyköping… the scenery was gorgeous.

heading out for some shopping with the girls.

everyone headed to systembolaget (the alcohol store = the only place you can by liquor & wine. yes. the only.) before it closes at 3pm on saturdays. crazy, huh, americans?

after a little shopping & a little history tour, it was time for a fika break by the water.
typical swedish fika food. yummy.
time for a long, slow walk down by the harbor.

the colors. i love the late afternoon light during fall. amazing.
dinner out with pub grub.
walking through an empty downtown to catch the bus home.
10pm. waiting for the bus. tired, and totally happy from a fabulous day.

on days like this i am thankful for every single moment. for everything i see and feel and do. i truly hope you are having a great weekend too. well, i’ve now spent the first 2/3 of my sunday doing absolutely nothing – except this, and now it’s time to get ready. we’ve got a family birthday party dinner to go to in about an hour. so, more fun on the way!

hope you enjoyed the pics! now, get out there & have a little adventure of your own – even if you never leave your home town.

peace and love.

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  1. LOVE seeing all these photos! And I don’t think I’ve ever told you, but your composition skills are *amazing.* You capture the moments perfectly.

  2. Beautiful fall colors! I actually heard about those alcohol stores. Really crazy. You have to be 20 or 21 to be able to buy it but you can drink when you are 18, right? Anyhow, alcohol is pretty expensive in Sweden from what I gather…

    1. Thanks! Yeah, you can drink at 18, but must be 20 to buy. It’s crazy. And fairly expensive. I miss my dollar thirsty thursdays in the states. 😉

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