a mid-holiday hello.

where i stand

hey people!

well, i’ve been in the states, in my home state, for almost two weeks now (gaaahhh!!), and the time is flying by. i have soooo many pictures to share. soooo many thoughts to process. and soooo many posts waiting in the wings. but, i don’t have the time to get them on here. actually, i suppose that i am not making the time to put them on here. instead, i am taking in everything and every person around me. enjoying all the moments of doing, and only finding a few moments to just be. but, i am certain that that is exactly how it is meant to be.

anyway, just checking in…

for those of you who have blogs, i have been checking in here & there, i am thinking of you, and i can’t wait to get all caught up in this blogosphere. i am sending you thoughts of peace and hope for the end of 2012, and dreams & wishes for bliss & joy in 2013.┬álet’s make it a great one!

for all of you who are family & friends & co-workers in my everyday-ish kind of life, my wish is exactly the same for you.

i am, in general, so thankful for all of the people in my life, whether i actually know you or not. you people rock.

i will be back with tons of thoughts about the end of this year, and the beginning of next in a few days. on the agenda today… a road trip to gatlinburg/pigeon forge, tennessee for some outlet shopping!! ok,┬átime to go shopping (and whatever else kind of adventure we can get ourselves into). have a fabulous friday!

peace and love.

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