Peanut, you will never be forgotten 🤍

A simple holiday: Family, travel, and one big anniversary

Thanksgiving in Paris: Eat, drink, and be merry

It’s the simple moments that make the best holiday

Tapping into my roots at the North Carolina beach

Reasons why I didn’t take my computer on vacation

I’m totally ok not having a car: Reflections on a spontaneous road trip

My one word weekend list

How I did Spring break this year: Family, food, drink, and culture

the week when the festivities began: portland, maine // 51

the week that was all about thanksgiving // 47

the week that i crossed the atlantic ocean… twice // 44

how i became a photographer

celebrating an incredible, inspiring summer (a photo diary)

the week that was the reynolds beach vacation (part 2) 

the week that was the reynolds family beach week // 32 (part 1)

the week that was all of the best asheville places + people // 31

the week with all the feels // 30 

A weekend in New Hampshire • 2

A weekend in New Hampshire • 1 

the week that was one step closer to my vacation // 27

weekend in paris • day 3.1

weekend in paris • day 1

the week when i was looking for a change // 21

the week that i realized i need a break // 20

the week that was like a mini summer break // 18 (week #5 of becoming a life coach)

the week that we bought our own place // 9

when it really is all about the journey

celebrating 2015 // photos of some of my most memorable moments


// week thirty one (part 1) // north carolina meets sweden

i only cry once in a blue moon – and that is totally ok

// week thirty // nick’s in town + vacation has begun!

countdown to the big arrival

ten on ten :: july 2015

my bro, my kindred spirit. happy birthday to you!

week twenty seven // music + laughter + lots of summer sun

how an expat celebrates independence day: nostalgia + gratitude

mom + dad: still riding through it all together after 44 years

// week twenty five // midsummer + other little moments

| week twenty three | a spectacular wedding, an international visitor + keeping the balance

it’s a great day for a wedding

an exciting weekend getaway on a floating city: cruising on the baltic sea

the one thing i love about easter in sweden

a week ago today: our (real) move to uppsala

a walk with mom

three week limbo period: complete!

the people of 2014