a package!!!

here i am on a chilly thursday night. sitting in silence, but feeling rather productive.

i finally succeeded in focusing and getting some work done. and now i’m all ready for my meeting with the youth tomorrow night. yes, i know. it’s a day ahead. and i neeeever complete things a day ahead. always on time, but not in advance. however, today i got it done. go me.

soon, i’m gonna curl up with a good movie , a glass of wine, and wait for my love to come home. i’d really love to write about a crapload of current events rolling around in my head – occupy wall street (and beyond), the news out of libya today, LGBT stuff, faith ponderings… but, i’m not in the mood right now. or, rather, my brain is fried from planning my meeting for tomorrow night. you know, it’s good i’m doing something that i have lots of experience in, because adding in the “plan this in a whole other language” thing doubles or triples the time it takes me to accomplish things. i have to basically write everything out in swedish, just so i can get in the flow, so that tomorrow when i meet with the youth, i’m not reading my swedish to them, but talking and conversing like a normal person. it’s a tough process, but i’m sure it’s helping my swedish immensely. all that to say, there will be no long post tonight on any deep and meaningful subject…

just a fun post about the package that we got from the states today!

zola love, and i mean loooves, boxes.

fun stuff!! ok. a mixture of a bunch of things that i can’t here in sweden. or if i did, they would be expensive. 2 sets of orange halloween lights. 3 air freshners (i’m already using one). 5 white t-shirts. 1 scooby-doo halloween dvd. 1 snoopy dvd. and a card. (the dvd’s were unexpected gifts from my parents who refuse to grow up – and i love that about them!) yes, i am spoiled! thank you, mom & dad!!!

there’s nothin’ like an orange glow in your living room to make it cozy…

peace & happy almost weekend!

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  1. Great to hear you got out of your writing crisis. I like the Halloween lights. I just finished making my Halloween costume today. Black swan!

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