Day 19: Merry Swedish Christmas Eve

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the swedish invasion: round 2.

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sweden —> usa!

there’ll be no goodbyes from me.

prime-time procrastination.

red, white, and woo hoo!

one last post from downtown.

mixing midsummer & moving is crazy.

why i am living in a flea market.

i can get a little design crazy.

home is wherever i’m with you.

i never really believed it until now.

coming out… of hibernation.

celebrating 2 years of being, loving, & living!

pinch me. i’m an ex-pat.

having an expat moment.

24ish hours.

carolina in my mind.

just for you, mom & dad.

’twas the night before t-giving, and i was a mess.

i pulled an all-nighter.

today is my ex-pat birthday.

longing for my other home.

time is flying by.

immigration said yes!

immigration butterflies from an ex-pat.