a weekend on the road.

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time for a road trip this weekend! yep. i’m headed to the southern part of sweden for a big weekend with my love’s biiiiigggg family. gonna be so. much. fun. we’re riding down in the car with lina’s parents, and it’ll take about 4-5 hours. you know, ya gotta stop whenever the mood strikes you. hehe. we’ll be staying till tuesday, so it’s almost a mini-vacation. yay. and while i’ve been to this southern part of sweden before, there is plenty more to see & do, so we’ll be bust the whole time… celebrating a traditional goose dinner (don’t ask. i’ll perhaps explain later. hehe), doing some shopping, visiting denmark for a day, walking along the seashore, laughing, drinking wine, and soaking up the beauty of the area. can’t wait!

keep up with all of my adventures on instagram (@lizslens), if you want. otherwise, you know i’ll pictures & stories when i get back. hehe.

for now, i’m off to satisfy my wanderlust cravings. and, of course, i’m ready & prepared with a travel playlist. here’s what’ll be playing in my ears as i roll on down the road…

here’s to wishing you an amazing, wonderful weekend! peace out!

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  1. If you take the train through Lund, wave to the left on the way south of the train station. We used to live across the street from Grand Hotel! And since we left they have built City Tunnel in Malmo so the trains go straight through instead of coming to a halt and then reversing direction and taking the long way around the town. Should be a straight shot to Kopenhamn now!

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