All of the moments that mark end of autumn

The end of autumn is upon me. And, while I’ve been slowly shifting along with the seasons, there has also been a flurry of activity filling my days + weeks. Hence, this long, epic post documenting the past 4 weeks. I’ve put off this post for over a week now, working on it here + there, bit by bit. That is not at all how I like to prepare a blog post. I work best when I sit down, for a longer period of time, focus, and get done – at all once. But, life has not allowed me to do that really. I’ve either been too busy or the complete opposite – too exhausted. And if there is one thing I have learned, it is to listen to my body and my soul. So, while I could have whipped out a post once a week (avoiding this kind of epic long post), I knew I needed to rest when I felt like I needed to rest. And, because I have found a sense of balance in how I can live my days slowly, I have let this post sit in my drafts for a few weeks. Knowing and trusting that it will get done when the time is right.

And that time is now!

Yes, I document my days and weeks for myself here. But, I hope there is something that you find in my words or photos as well. In any case, here’s how life has been for me from the end of October and into November. The ending of autumn is a powerful time of the year and just a few weeks can really shift everything.

Watching the seasons shift right outside my office window

The changing of the leaves + the end of this cycle of the year happened both slowly and quickly. Within 2 weeks, I was able to see these sister trees outside my office window go from late autumn to winter. And it was magical every single day. Now, as we enter the middle of November, they stand bare. All tucked in for the winter + the season of rest. I wonder… am I ready for the same?

Autumn skies

Most of the days + nights are gray here now. But, every now + then there have been clear skies with gorgeous sunrises and magical sunsets. Though, the sun has now shifted away from our balcony, so it will be March before we see it rise ad set. A sure sign to me that the winter months are here. That it’s time to come inside and rest. Except when there is a full moon. If I have a chance to get a peek of the moon from my balcony (or even through my windows) … well, that is a moment that I truly soak up.

A quick work trip to Copenhagen

I love me some Copenhagen, Denmark. And, amazingly, this is the 3rd trip I’ve made to the funky city since July. Crazy, right? However, this was a quick overnight trip for work. Still, it was well worth it. The school where I work is part of a European association that works with dropouts all across the EU. And, I had the honor to be able to attend the annual international meeting this year – in Copenhagen. In addition, I am slowly taking over at my school as the international coordinator = more international trips (and lots of grant writing) are on the horizon. So stoked about it all. (And super grateful!)

Watching nature release + surrender to the end of her cycle

Could there be anything more magical + inspiring? Does not nature show us how to live?

Celebrated a cozy, chill Halloween at our place

Fall break, y’all. When things really shifted. And the wheel of the year turned.

Slow days at work, cozy nights at home, roadtripping to see friends, all the autumn feels, and a couple of dates.

Time to welcome the mysticism, traditions, and melancholy of November

Dark, rainy, windy, gray, dreary. November is here. The sun is almost nowhere to be found. The moon + stars rule both the days and the nights. Lots of candles. Lots of coffee. Needing slow rest at home. Feeling exhausted, but in a good way. Just accepting and embracing these November vibes. And reminding myself… there is a purpose to this time of the year. To the end of the cycle of the seasons. Rest, magic, restoration, wisdom. These are the hidden gifts of the end of the year, of the dark months.

There is also one random thing in these dark, moody photos… the Prime Minister of Sweden came to the school where I work as his first official public visit after being elected in September. He came to learn about how we work and what we do. On his visit, he came into my room while my colleague and I were working with our group. It was surreal and normal all at the same time. He sat with the kids, asked me about the group, and I got to talk with him about what we do. Plus my kids brought me to tears as they answered his questions and shared their ideas on what we do. The freaking Prime Minister. It was crazy and so cool to be able to highlight our work.

And that, my friends, has been my last few weeks. Slow and dark, and also completely packed with all kinds of moments. If I think back to mid-October, everything feels different right now. In so many ways. The energy is different. My own activity level, focus, and daily life is different. The end of autumn has arrived. And I believe that I am almost settled. Soon, winter will be here, the holidays will arrive, and the end of 2022 will be upon us.

Just imagine, a few weeks from now, how it will feel. It’ll be totally different than right now. And it will come quickly. So, soak up these dark, dreary, gray, liminal November days while they are here. Don’t fast forward to the holidays. Let the fog + mist linger for a bit more. And embrace the mystery of right here, right now.

xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “All of the moments that mark end of autumn

  1. Nine years ago today, we met at Filo Pastries for the first fika gathering. ♥ I’m in NE Ohio now and it’s grey almost everyday. But those moments of sunshine are incredible to me. I’m glad that you are also taking time to enjoy them.

    Also – the PM! How awesome was that?! I’m glad your students shared that moment with you.

    1. 9 years ago?! That is just crazy. I have honestly been thinking about those fika gatherings a lot this autumn. What a magical ritual it was. <3

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