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monthly medicine

Week one: Pausing as we begin darkest season

Think of this week as one, long, deep breath. A much-needed pause just before setting off + settling in. Like standing in a field, on the edge of a dark forest, preparing to take off on an unknown, but much anticipated, journey into the…

5 Oct 2018
be monthly medicine

October + the dark journey home

I had a dream in the dark, early morning hours of Saturday that a deer laid her head on my left shoulder. I don’t recall my surroundings, whether I was in the woods or in a field, I just distinctly remember that a deer approached me…

2 Oct 2018
the seasons

10 quotes to ponder in the darkness of autumn

It’s getting darker as we move deeper into autumn. October’s new moon has come + gone, and now we are on the cusp of the mysterious darkness that envelops us this time of year in the northern hemisphere. And what is happening with me…

21 Oct 2017
the sacred everyday

the week that really f*cking sucked // 43

finally. october is almost over. i’ve never had anything against october, friends. in fact, i’ve often loved this month because of the beauty of the turning of the seasons. but, this year… it has been very gloomy. and this week… well, it has been…

30 Oct 2016
the sacred everyday

// week forty three // inspired by the everyday

monday again?! already?! and we’ve only got one week left in october, friends. the month has seriously flown by, and it feels like i have mostly been focused on things at home lately – which feels good. i’ve been cooking, nesting, writing, and, of course, enjoying…

26 Oct 2015