An active intention for the New Moon in Taurus. Really?

Lately my intention for each new moon has been super powerful. They have been building on each other in the most amazing ways. From March’s becoming (knowing + embracing who I am) to April’s rising (to a rebirth + a new path), I have been so inspired by moving through each month, experiencing the evolution + embodiment of my intentions. I’ve felt so connected to each phase + each cycle. But, as May’s new moon approached and I readied myself for a new intention for this moon cycle, I wondered what in the world would be the intention to follow the rising of April.

Something deep inside of me whispered that it needed to be an active intention. That May requires action. I mean, if you think of it, after rising, what do we do? We go. Right? We at least take some kind of action. We rise in the morning and we go forth into our day.

But, this made me feel all weird + freaked out. This is where I just want to retreat back into the comfort of the inner seasons of the year. I feel like I lose touch with myself when I start to act. I’m much more comfortable being, contemplating, pondering, diving deep into my soul + listening. Plus, Taurus season is full of stable, grounded, secure energy. But, nevertheless, May, calls us to act.

However, as I sat + meditated with these feelings. As I felt the energy swirling around me, I began to intuit that this action that I am feeling called to is intentional action. Aligned action. Grounded action. It unfolds. It is present. It is natural as a flower blooming + baby bird leaving the nest. It is purposeful. And it is action that is taken only one step at a time.

And then I realized that I am ready for this. All of that becoming + rising has guided me to this moment under this dark new moon. This is me, understanding a whole new way of acting. And this will most certainly affect + change my life from here on out.

So, here’s the message for us during this New Moon in Taurus season:

Everything we do is an action. Every decision we make. And May asks us to do this mindfully, purposefully, and from a grounded, stable place. A place that we hopefully find ourselves after rising from the renewal energy of April.

So, that thought of acting, that image of going forth after rising, isn’t so scary anymore. It isn’t scary because it is the next, natural step in the cycle of life, in the cycle of the seasons, in the cycle of the moon.

A new path is before us. We have risen + we are standing there. We may see a path or we may see only trees. But, we are called to go forth now. But, it doesn’t matter where we are going, where the path leads, or what lies at the end. What matters is that we are grounded where we are + that we take one step at a time. Just one step. The journey begins with just that one step in this present moment.

And it doesn’t have to be anything big. In fact, we’ve already been taking steps. It means making a choice based on what our souls, what our intuition tells us in this moment:

What do we feel? Do I feel called to meditate for 5 minutes during my lunch break? Which podcast will inspire me the most on my walk to work? What food is my body craving? Perhaps I should say no to going out tonight + instead stay home and read? Would a long shower feel good? Do I feel some playful energy + want to dance it out? Maybe it would be fun to meet up with some friends tonight? Am I in need of an afternoon nap?

That’s the intentional action that May’s new moon is calling into us.

lindos, greece

As I began to understand this idea of grounded action, of taking only one step at a time from my present place of stable, steady, self-awareness, I could not let go of the word: pilgrimage.

A pilgrimage is a long, intentional journey. The pilgrim walks slowly + experiences one moment at a time. It may be a journey that leads somewhere, like Mecca for Muslims of Jews + Christians to the Jerusalem, or on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. But, even if there is a destination, those walking the path soon understand that the journey is what it is really all about. So, nevermind the thought of a destination. A pilgrimage is a journey of becoming + embodying.

liz + lina in nyc

The whole purpose of a pilgrimage is actually the journey. Not the destination. Honestly, every time Lina + I travel, we seek to travel as pilgrims, not caring what happens along the way, but seeking to soak up each moment as it comes. One step at a time. One moment at a time.

So, that’s what this May journey is. This call to action is not a call towards an end goal. It is a call to continue the act of becoming. The difference from March + April, however, is that this is the next step. An outward step of rising + going forth. Of making choices + decisions, one at a time, that create our own unique paths + write our own unique futures.

The new moon this May calls us to respond to the calling to go forth with an active, aligned, grounded, intention of taking the next step in becoming who we are. This is the moment that all of the internal shifts + transformations begin to manifest themselves in our daily lives.

Just as the seed grew under the earth for months, and the roots spread deeper + wider, and the sprout popped through, and the bud came forth, now it is time for the flower to fully grow + bloom.

It is now time, after the winter + spring, for us to also to grow + bloom. It is time to intentionally, purposefully, naturally just go. Go out. Go forth. Go further. Go deeper. Go higher. Go forward.

This is our calling. This is the yearning of our soul. To be made manifest, to be embodied in our daily lives.

But, we must remember. This is not aimless action. This is intentional, grounded, slow embodiment. This is literally, actively, one little step at a time, becoming + blooming into who we are. What is your soul telling you to become right now? Where does your soul want to lead you?

Set an intention to grow + to go. Set an intention to bloom + act. And set the intention to be mindful, stable, and slow as you begin to forge your path forward.

New moon blessings, wild souls. xoxo. liz.

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