an hour off the grid

this morning, i decided that i wanted to be in the middle of trees. sometimes, i just get some kind of craving to be lost in the middle of a forest. alone and quiet. luckily, asheville is surrounded by such places, and even has some places within the city limits. so, for about an hour today, i headed just 5 minutes from downtown and immersed myself in a sea of green. and it was divine.

there is a bird sanctuary and a lake in north asheville, called beaver lake, that is filled with long, wooden walkways winding through trees and over wetlands. here, you’ll find and hear tons of different species of birds – and lots of retired, amateur bird-watchers/photographers as well.

with only my phone and my car keys, i took off into the woods, strolling and meandering among the birds and the trees. stopping to breathe and to think. to just be at one with the natural world, soaking up all of the new life that has recently sprung up around us. it was so peaceful and quiet. silent actually – minus the birds. no human interaction the whole time. a whole hour – off the grid.

what a gift it is to just get away for a little while. to ponder life and love and dreams and goals. and actually, to just be. how do you get away and get off the grid?

walkway path marsh trees marsh beaver lake photographer bird watching bird tree ego me tree hugger

now, don’t you just wanna go hug a tree? do it! xx

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  1. I think being off the grid, as you put it, is actually very hard these days. Being so connected is amazing but also it just never ceases sometimes… I find it frustrating that I to get sucked in.
    My off the grid time is usually if I have a quiet last hour of the day in the cafe when I send staff home early. Or the time post shower and before evening starts… Lying back in bed…
    My favourite time though is those first and last five minutes of the day… That’s when finally we are alone. Properly…

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