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The rise of the priestess and the energy of spring

The equinox has passed now, we’ve entered the season of the priestess, and the energy that I feel right inspires me to emerge from everything that has been. Not only to leave the dark, mystical hibernation of winter, but to also rise from a…

27 Mar 2021
corona diaries

We were made for this: My Corona Diaries

We were made for a time like this. Things are changing. A shift has occurred. And we are embarking on a new phase. My mind, my soul, my spirit can hardly keep up. I feel a sense of desperate urgency + a call for…

6 Jun 2020
corona diaries

How I am finding freedom at home: My Corona Diaries

It’s not that things have been lighter this week, but somehow it’s felt lighter. The news is still grim. Covid-19 diagnoses and deaths continue to grow around the world. Most of us are all still at home. No one still really knows what comes…

18 Apr 2020
monthly medicine

Looking for love in February

I was spot on last week when I said this in a blog post on closing out January: Blessings as you settle into the new year, sweet soul. Little did I know how right I would be. February just might really be the beginning…

8 Feb 2020

Why this has been one of the best spring staycations ever

I’ve been tweaking + rewriting + updating my website for a couple of weeks now. But, I’ve really spent some time this spring staycation aligning it with my soul work. I’ve had the gift of time for the past 6 days, so I’ve been…

22 Apr 2019

16 things I’ve been doing in April

Mid-April. What the heck? Just when I think that things are going to drag on, time keeps right on flying by. And suddenly I find myself at the beginning of my long-long-looooong-awaited Easter/Spring break. *deep sigh* So, to celebrate (and take a little pause…

14 Apr 2019