Weekly playlist update : Days 112-118

Last week I got all crazy + decided to start a new playlist project on a playlist that I started (but didn’t really update regularly) at the beginning of 2017.  In the past I’ve done regular, monthly playlists, but now I am working on one, big playlist for the entire year. And I am adding a new song for each day.


Basically it’s just a super fun reason for me every day to sit + find the perfect song for the perfect feeling for every single day. 


I decided, as this week went on, that I’d share the 7 newest songs here on my website every Friday so we can all keep up + keep remembering that this playlist grows as we move through the year. It’s like a musical journey through 2017. I try to pick songs that have something to do with the day… should the day have a special meaning, or holiday, or celebration. Some days, of course, I just end up choosing a song that goes with my own personal feelings for that day.


Here are this week’s additions! 

Day 112: Saturday 22 April (Earth Day) // Wide World – Blessed Feathers

Day 113: Sunday 23 April //  Here Between – Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

Day 114: Monday 24 April //  Wherever I Wake Up – The Suitcase Junket

Day 115: Tuesday 25 April //  This Feeling – Alabama Shakes

Day 116: Wednesday 26 April //  Soft Gentle Brilliant (Acoustic Version) [feat. Bailey & Becca VanDerbeck] – Corey Kilgannon, Bailey & Becca VanDerbeck

Day 117: Thursday 27 April //  Changes – Langhorne Slim, The Law

Day 118: Friday 28 April // Workin’ Woman Blues – Valerie June


Happy listening, peeps! And happy weekend to you all! (Over here we’ve got a great big national annual pagan Spring celebration going on, which gives us a 4-day weekend. So, please keep your fingers crossed for actual spring weather!).

xoxo. liz.

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