Be Love Live playlists are back! {And now they’re weekly! And include Instagram!}

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go any longer without creating a playlist. It’s just in my bones.

Now, I wasn’t really trying to not create any playlists. I just wasn’t putting any pressure on myself to have to create them. No need for me to feel any pressure to put something out there every month. Though, to be honest, it never felt like a chore.

However, I suppose the real reason that I didn’t want to lock myself into a monthly playlist expectation was due to the fact that I hadn’t created any monthly themes for 2017. This was going to be the year without a theme every month. I was just gonna let everything unfold as it would. You know, go with the flow.

And, I have done that. I still don’t have any monthly themes. But, I did create a list of 13 ways to live authentically.

// Here’s the post that discusses the 13 different ways.

// And here’s the post with my word of the year… authentic.

For me, this list represents ways that I can seek to live more authentically in my life. To create my life exactly the was I want and envision and hope for it to be.

I’m not writing much about this journey here on the blog. However, I am writing about it in my weekly newsletters.

Newsletters, you’re wondering, right?

Yeah. A weekly correspondence with subscribers. And, so far, I absolutely love it. As I was writing today’s newsletter email, I started getting an itch to include a section called “go deeper”. A chance to share some tips on how to use the focus of the newsletter throughout the week. And, for me, that naturally grew into a playlist.

So, I opened up Spotify, made notes on my computer about possible songs, and before I knew it, I had a playlist to use with the newsletter this week. A song for each day of the week. I added the 7-song playlist to the bottom of my newsletter and felt totally satisfied.

Then, I thought about my website right here. And, while I feel ok about not blogging on everything I include in my newsletter, it suddenly felt strange to not share my playlist with all of you. So, since I sent out my 4th newsletter today, with a link to my new playlist (my 1st for 2017!), I thought that I’d share the playlist with you here. And invite you to join my weekly newsletter tribe.

This week’s newsletter is all about magic + mystery. Living with the questions. Seeing every little thing as a miracle. And embracing the unknown. (To read more, you’ll have to sign up for receive them. Hehe. I’m a tease, I know).

But, I will tell you that to give a way to go deeper in embracing the magic + mystery of life throughout the upcoming week, I made my 7-song playlist to be used as a daily meditation. Here’s what I included in today’s newsletter.

G O | D E E P E R : Tips for living with magic + embracing mystery

I have created a playlist for us to use this week. It’s only seven songs. But, it is seven songs that evoke mystery and magic.

// Listen to one song every day. Let that be your focus + inspiration for the day.

// Be aware of one word or phrase that rises to your consciousness as you listen. Let that be your mantra.

// Take a photo during the day inspired by the song of the day.

// Post it on Instagram.

// Use the hashtag #beloveliveauthentic (Follow me on Instagram here)

Find the playlist on Spotify: HERE

Here are the songs for each day this week. Use them however you wish. And, check back here next Sunday for the follow week’s theme and 7-song playlist!

Monday: Cosmic Pulse by Elephant Revival
Tuesday: Spirit by Amos Lee
Wednesday: The Universe by Gregory Alan Isakov
Thursday: Sacred Ground by Over the Rhine
Friday: Come Light by Bifrost Arts
Saturday: Even the Darkness Has Arms by The Barr Brothers
Sunday: Build Me Up From Bones by Sarah Jaroz

Now, about that newsletter. If you want to read about the theme for each week… as I move through the 13 ways of living authentically, then all you have to do is click here. Or just fill in the form below. Leave your email address, and voila! You’re subscribed! Soooo easy, right?

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I really look forward to crafting my letters each week. And, even though it’s a digital email, it feels a bit more personal + intimate. Like I’m writing just to you. Of course, I always welcome responses. So, if you want to reply back to my emails, then do it! I’d would absolutely love that.

In the meantime, dear ones, happy listening and posting and sharing. I hope to see some of your images on Instagram and I hope to be sending even more of you a newsletter next Sunday!

Oh, and, Americans, Happy Super Bowl!

xoxo. liz.

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