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November is never how I think it will be

Or, rather. November is never how I want it to be. I want November to be slow, cozy, and filled with days of blankets + coffee + red wine. What inevitably happens, every single November, is that my daily life winds up just as…

20 Nov 2018
create + inspire

How can I create my own new beginning?

Is it just me, or does today feel like this week has lasted foreeeeever? I’ve been a day ahead every day. It’s been a week that has been tons of fun, lots of work, and seems to never end. But, today is Friday! I…

24 Aug 2018

The wisdom of April + 7 years of blogging

Happy April, lovely soul! I sure do hope you’re having a long weekend however you want + need it to be. For me, I’m taking it very, very slow. Celebrating just being here. And how the seasons just continue their movement forward… hoping that…

2 Apr 2018
year summaries

Day 20: Year in Review. My top 7 posts of 2017

It’s time for the big Year in Review countdown! In this end-of-the-year post, I’m sharing with you what turned out to be my top seven posts from 2017. They are the ones that I published this year that you all clicked on, read, and…

27 Dec 2017
liz+lina podcast

Season 2 of the Liz+Lina podcast begins today!

photo by jeremy trimnal photography. image by Liz + Lina are back for a second season of their podcast! In today’s episode, hear a tiny bit about what they’ve been up to; but mostly just get geared up for a fun season of…

18 Sep 2017