be your own superhero.

i came across some new music . again. and you know i love that. right now i can’t remember how i found this chick, but i think she’s rad. and on top of her talented song-writing (which she has done extensively) and awesome musical ability, she’s funky and unique. she is her own person. goes her own way. does her own thing. plays a ukelele.  and is true to herself. and you know i reaaaally love that.

on top of all that, she’s freaking smart. or has smart values/beliefs.

here is one of her songs that i’m diggin’ right now. it’s all about being free. living life.

it may be a regular tuesday for you. it may be a day when something incredible happens. or it may be a day when your world feels like it’s falling apart. what i do know, from deep within my soul, is that no matter what, you are loved. you are worthy. and you are  a beautiful, unique person. discover yourself. claim the life that you want. dream big. and always hope. and remember that you are your own superhero. so live your life to the fullest, exactly as you want to live it! be proud of who you are!

“I think everybody needs to find out who they are and who their, like, inner superhero is, or who you like to be. The world would be a better place if everyone was doing what the hell they wanted to do and being who they wanted to be.” ~LP

keep on flying high. peace.

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    1. i know, everytime i hear it, i just wanna get in a car / drive off into the sunset. free as a bird. 🙂 yay!! so glad you like it!

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    I love the idea of being your own superhero. It was some time ago that I first read this post by Liz at, so it has resonated within me for some time. I think it would be a much better world if we could all see ourselves more clearly and with more love and be our own superheros, because that is what we truly are.

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