Liz+Lina’s NYC vlog

How brewing beer reminded me to go with the flow

my day in a minute + a half

to paris, with love // a video of our summer days in the city of lights

how håkan hellström inspires us to keep going

how to survive the in-between vibes of may’s new moon

the week that was not glamorous, but oh so radiant // 16

grounded 04.16 // i’m not gonna be perfect. i’m gonna be present.

a song for our journey on the long dark road

the week that i fell out of balance // 2

a christmas gift from me + the moon

week fifty // the week that was all about one moment of light

reclaiming december // settling into our caves

i think we need to learn to tuck the darkness in

two chicks + a chat // episode 2

// week thirty seven // the answer is blowin in the wind

two chicks + a chat // episode 1: summer plans

trust yourself: everything you need is within you

a video of our road trip: starring paige, lina, me & first aid kit!

making me all weepy.

“strip away the fear. underneath it’s all the same love.”

what are you doing new year’s eve?

enjoying the last few mysterious minutes of christmas day…

“a closet is no place for a person to truly live.”

nesting day.

the lesson of a bird & her nest.

day 5. wild.

be your own superhero.

long time sun: the yoga in me.

you know what saturday’s are for? they’re for dancing!

when the leaves fall & the light fades.

you thought i’d forgotten? no way.

shake it out.

525,600 minutes.

the sun is gonna shine.

wastin’ time.

monday morning music.

spread the word.

a song about life.

in case you don’t think it’s real.