blogging on the bus.


Geez it feels early and i am in desperate need of some coffee! But, friends, I have made it to the weekend – and it’s a weekend without work! Yesssss! However, I’m having some conflicting emotions right now…

On the one hand, I’m on my way, as I write this, for a fun weekend in Stockholm with my love! Shopping, pubs, dancing, friends, cafes… woo hoo!! Not to mention, I’m traveling in style! I’m on a bus that boasts luxury seats with craploads, free wifi the whole trip, snacks, drinks, etc. Love it. So, being off this weekend, having a little road trip, and good weather ahead is setting this up to be a great weekend!

On the other hand, I’m thinking about my family in North Carolina. The all live at the beach, and there is a massive hurricane bearing down on the coast. Everything seems to show that the worst part of the hurricane is headed straight for my family & their homes. Gaaahhh. Most of them are leaving their homes, but a few may have to stay, which worries me greatly… I’ll keep up as much a I can via Internet & some phone calls. Hurricane Irene, please be gentle.

Now, I’m gonna sit back & enjoy the next 2 hours, surf the net, and track the weather in the states. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Peace & safety.

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  1. Oh honey I hope your family will be ok. Thinking of you and them!! Hope you can enjoy stockholm neverless. Love to you both. xx

      1. They weren’t too bad in my neighborhood, other people weren’t so lucky, unfortunately. At least they are safe though, that is what count the most!

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