a road trip down memory lane

2 0 1 4.

what are you doing new year’s eve?

a magical, free-spirited year: a look back over 2013.


the top 10 lessons i learned in 2013.

and the celebrations continue…

enjoying the last few mysterious minutes of christmas day…

let the holiday season begin!

sensory overload.

living like a lily.

missing you & moving on.

making dreams come true over a cup of coffee.

those last summer moments…

a balancing act in two parts.

orange is the new black.

in a perpetual state of disbelief and excitement.

contemplation and adventure. that’s how i roll.

nesting day.

a little reminder from an old friend.

i will always believe that peace is the answer.

the day the universe gave freely.

hmm… what should i do today?

i just needed to stop for a moment & take it all in.

i got the monday confusion blues.

never stop dreaming.

i’m ok… even though i got an email.

the lost art of letter-writing. (or a snail mail comeback).

who i am & what i do.

stairway to heaven… there’s a job out there somewhere.

namaste, my friends.

moral monday comes to asheville. and i was channeling the 60s.

oh, to be like the moon.

on the move again.

from the mountains to the sea.

when i said adventure, this was not what i had in mind. (plus before pics!)

there’ll be no goodbyes from me.

i’m working on the re-launch!

things are really rolling now.

only one day left to vote, people.

living in limbo.

it’s a double rainbow day!

belovelive’s 1st contest begins now!

when what you have & where you are is enough.

call it karma. call it luck. call it whatever. i’m blown away.

why i am living in a flea market.

it’s the little things. like fruit & veggies.

time for a little sun worshipping.

my first chance to be a guest blogger! Not All Who Wander Are Lost.