Blogmas: A mantra for the holidays

I can already tell that this dark, early morning ritual of getting up to write is going to suit me. I mean, I literally went to bed last night excited about waking up just so I could sit right here and do this. It is very cozy here at my desk. In the hour before everything + everyone starts moving. It is pure magic. Though, I am realizing that I need to get up a wee bit earlier than 6:30, I think. I’m sure I’ll fall into the perfect rhythm as the month moves on.

Yesterday, I really just tried to settle into the vibe of December. I moved through my day, trying to be aware of the energy I was feeling on the first day of the month. I stumbled across a few moments when I felt that I really wanted to be deeply present. I needed to be deeply present. Because, while on the inside, my soul is quite calm and at peace, even in the midst of this crazy year, there is a lot happening this month that is out of my control.

We’re headed to the States for a 3 week holiday over Christmas + into the New Year, which is a dream come true. But, Covid cases are rising, as you know. And that is causing countries to enforce more restrictions. We’re trying to plan accordingly and adjust our PCR/antigen test times and holding our fingers that all will be well. At night, however, I’m having nightmares about our trip getting cancelled. It is imperative for my well-being to be able to see my parents and brother and his partner this year. It’s been too long. Two years. And my soul aches. Trying not to worry about it all is really tough because, again, it’s out of my control.

In addition, Lina + I have found ourselves with a whole bunch of things (fun things!) to do, and, honestly, it has been stressing us out. We’re both exhausted and pushing through. Knowing that we need those 3 weeks in the States to unplug, relax, and get away for a while. Until then, however, we are prioritizing and deciding what are the things that we either absolutely have to do/the things that make us feel excited, calm, whole. We refuse to overbook ourselves during this magical time of year. We want to enjoy it, not stress out about it.

So, as the day went on yesterday, and as I thought about the month stretching out before me, an intention for December started to rise up from my soul. Of course, I touched on it in yesterday’s post, but it became a sort of mantra throughout the day. A mantra to help me carry the vibe I seek with me all day long. A mantra to help me focus and breathe + be present. So, I decided right then + there that this would be my mantra for the entire holiday season.

It’s no surprise, if you read yesterday’s post, that my mantra is simply the word: DWELL.

Simply breathing that word makes my soul soul slows+ settle. I immediately remember that my intention this month is to create a warm, cozy, moody sense of slow presence wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

Do you have an intention for December? What do you hope to experience/feel this season? What mood do you want to create? Has your soul whispered a mantra to you?

I know I said that I have no plans for these daily posts – and I don’t. But, as I sit here, gathering my thoughts for today, repeating my mantra, I wonder… are there any themes or topics that you want me to share my thoughts about one morning?

There are a few very traditional themes during this time of year: darkness + waiting. And, there is also much that happens in nature this month, from the moon phases to the winter solstice to the bare, cold, resting earth. All which carry their own themes. I know that this season, the holidays, are also very difficult for some. For them, it is not a cheerful time of year, but rather difficult. And some of us feel all of those emotions at once. Of course, there is the season of Advent and the story of a virgin birth in a refugee family… and how God, Source, Spirit is near this month… coming to us, even in the midst of the dark. There are themes of spiritual growth and themes of global justice, themes of believing in the unseen, and themes of what it means that love has come to earth and how we can learn to love more fully.

And, finally, there is my mantra: DWELL.

All of these themes, topics, thoughts I may touch on throughout the month. I have plenty to write about. But, I wonder if you have any thoughts too. It would be absolutely amazing to interact with each other some, to support each other throughout this long, dark, cold month. A kind of community Blogmas.

What themes or thoughts about this time of year are swirling around in your mind? If you have something, please feel free to share it with me in a comment below or in a private message on social media.

I am beginning to see Blogmas as being my Yuletide journal, where I reflect on how I bring my mantra into my life and how it inspires my days. Where I document the days + moods + moments of December. And where I dive deep into those wintery, holiday themes that guide me deep down to my roots. Here, in the quiet, silent, dark, warm, earthy, cave-like space of December days, I repeat my mantra all month long: Dwell. Dwell. Dwell. Dwell.

For now, I think I’ll blow out my desk candle and move on to the day’s activities. It’s blue hour out, a dusting of snow that fell during the night is glistening below, and I think I’m ready for a second cup of coffee.

Ahhhh… one more time repeating my mantra before I get up.

Dwell. Slow, silent, warm, cozy, dark, moody, present.

xoxo. liz.

Don’t forget to leave your wishes or ideas for Blogmas topics in a comment below , if you have any.

2 thoughts on “Blogmas: A mantra for the holidays

  1. Christmas can be a time of fleeting happiness & a type of over-indulgence, a giving into or giving over to the senses. I am all for meaningful and deep joy (and a few treats 🙂 but sometimes I find it overwhelming & find myself giving into the message of ‘it’s Christmas, eat more, drink more, buy more’ How can one find the balance of allowing oneself the pleasure of the season without coming out the other end feeling like it was all a bit too much?

    1. What great and very relevant things to think through during the holidays! I will definitely take some time to ponder your thoughts and then share my thoughts on this in an upcoming Blogmas post. Thank you for the inspiration! ❤️

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