Blogmas: The Long Night Full Moon illuminates it all

The final full moon of the year is occurring this weekend – and I am totally here for it. The December full moon is known as the Cold Moon in the northern hemisphere, since it is the first moon of the winter season. And it’s also known as the Long Night Full Moon because of its close proximity to the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. This moon also carries with it all of the energy of letting go of the year. And, I am so into that.

As I have written about over the past week, we are in the middle of the longest nights of the year. The darkest days. And it can be a bit tough, with all of the darkness creeping in a little bit more with every day. Throughout December, though, I have tried to focus on the coziness and medicine that the darkness offers. But, soon, things will change. In just a few days, actually.

We are coming to the end of the ever-growing darkness and, instead, we will enter the half of the year where the light grows every day. But, before the shift occurs and the light begins to return, we have this Cold, Long Night full moon. And she’s here to help us close out 2021.

There is a sense of a culmination and a big release that’s here for us right now under this full moon. We have a chance this weekend to slow down and be more present than usual. It is the perfect time to snuggle down and focus on some deep soul-searching and reflection over what has happened this year.

But, there’s more to this final full moon of 2021 than just introspection. This is a chance to let go and release. And I mean, really let go and really release. I don’t know about you, but that is definitely what I need right now. And, even though the full moon is occurring this weekend, we can use the energy, the darkness, and the long nights from now until the solstice on Tuesday the 21st to really turn inward. To try to understand the lessons of the year, to celebrate the accomplishments – even if that was just to make it to today, to grieve the losses, and to celebrate the joys. In our reflections, we can define those things that we want to carry with us into the new year, those things that we want to discover and intentions we want to set. But, more importantly, during these next 4 days, we can identify all that we are ready to release – all that we can leave behind in this year so that we can continue to grow and evolve and move forward.

For the last 3 Blogmas posts coming up, I am planning to share with you a few tools, ideas, and tips on how to reflect + release. It is a very mystical + magical time of year, and I wish for all of us deep, inspiring moments of being present in the dark so that we can find rest, renewal, and hope as we cross the threshold and enter the season of the wise one and the return of the light on the 22nd.

But, for now, let’s just be very still, very quiet, and very open to the medicine that is rising up from the earth, through our roots, and restoring our souls. Let’s soak up all that this Long Night full moon is illuminating for us – what we’ve learned, who we are, what we want, and all that we can release.

Blessed Long Night Full Moon, loves. It’s time to begin the slow release of 2021.

xoxo. liz.

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