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The nights are long + I’m just sitting here waiting

December nights are long. And I feel like I’m right in the middle of one dark, continuous night. And the only thing I can do is wait. As cozy as it is with the lights + decorations during this season, I’m finding it hard…

13 Dec 2020
midwinter rituals

Midwinter Rituals: Don’t Dim to Fit In

We just talked about dimming our lights in the last post – and now I’ve gone and pulled the Don’t Dim to Fit In card. Magic! The Soul Family card from my first post challenged me to stop dimming my light to the world…

4 Dec 2018
monthly medicine

Monthly Medicine: December is Fire + Balance

It is an incredibly cozy first day of December in my home. There’s a mix of rain + snow out my window, I’ve got my epic xmas playlist on, candles are lit, the tree is decorated, and I’m enjoying a never ending pot of…

1 Dec 2018

The only holiday playlist that you’ll ever need

December is here. And I am pumped. Finally it’s time to bring out the Christmas music + just let it loop and shuffle and play from now until the New Year. Yep. I am that person. I think it has something to with the…

1 Dec 2017

You’re gonna want to be present for this

I’ve got some amazing things planned for December. And some even more amazing things planned for all of 2018. And you’re gonna want to be present for it all. I most definitely want you to be present for it. More details on the stuff…

27 Nov 2017