The mellow balance of light + dark on the Autumn Equinox

My favorite season arrived today with an EPIC sunrise… and I’ve been feeling all cozy, mellow, and inspired all day long. So to quietly celebrate the start of the dark, contemplative, mystical part of the year, I thought I’d create a short post. I just sent out a similar letter to my email list friends.

The Autumn Equinox is here.

Today there is equal balance of light and dark.

The earth pauses, balanced on her axis, just for a moment. 

We are meant to pause too.

Take a long, deep breath + feel the balance. 

Even if you don’t feel balanced, feel the balance of the earth. Trust the natural unfolding of it all. The seasons, the rhythms of your body, your mind, your soul. All of nature, including you + me, ebb + flow with the energy of the cosmos. It’s all cyclical.

But right now, today, just stand. And breathe. Find the balance.

Now, we turn toward the slow, dark, inward months of the year. Gone are the long, active, wild growing days of summer. The wheel of the year turns today and we enter a new season.

The darkness grows every day, wrapping us in her mystery. Calling us to slow down + rest.

My old contemplative, introverted soul finds inspiration, hope, and possibility even as we are meant to release, let go, and surrender to the darkness.

Now’s the time to trust your intuition.

Honor the balance. Welcome the darkness. Feel the shift. Cross the threshold.

Wishing you a cozy, blessed season. It’s going to be deep + magical, I believe. xoxo. liz. 

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