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The medicine of Mabon: lessons for the autumn equinox

Come Mabon, come my favorite time of year. It is the day that initiates the season that I love most of all. The cozy, cool, dark, wild, inward season. And while Mabon may be fairly unknown; we all know about the equinox. It is…

22 Sep 2019
monthly medicine

Monthly Medicine: December is Fire + Balance

It is an incredibly cozy first day of December in my home. There’s a mix of rain + snow out my window, I’ve got my epic xmas playlist on, candles are lit, the tree is decorated, and I’m enjoying a never ending pot of…

1 Dec 2018
the moon

March’s blue moon of balance + perspective

This blue moon is a wild, beautiful, doozy of a full moon, lovely souls. It’s got me feeling all the feels and speaking straight to my libra soul. Have you felt off balance lately like me? Well, actually, I haven’t felt off balance, but…

31 Mar 2018

The vibes of slow living

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of + believer in slow living as a way of life. I crave a life that is centered and mindful. I crave quiet moments, solitary moments, and a calm sense of balance throughout my days. I really,…

6 Mar 2018