day 15: love.

this little message appeared in my email’s inbox this morning, a gift from the universe. you see, every day i get a little positive inspiration in the form of a personal message, which sometimes is just the right thing at just the right time. today’s was exactly that. i love it. i feel it. and i believe it. now, to just always remember it.

talking to my love tonight, she told me that there were some people who she was talking with today who remarked that they could see how in love we were, how much we cared about each other. it’s true… i am in love, and i never get tired of sharing life, whatever it may bring, with my love. we care so deeply, and are not afraid to let our love for each other be visible. and just like the message said today, i know that no matter what, hope is near & love is present. thank you, universe, for reminding me that, no matter how things seem, i am never alone.

i truly hope that you have felt love close to you today, dear friends.


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  1. That is a great love text to your love – I mean the text you wrote beneath the picture. Albeit the actual picture itself is great, too. Today I haven’t felt really close to love, but more to frustration. It’s a different story but I hope your day has been going well! Cheers from New York!

    1. thanks for the comment, laura. hope you’re feeling better now that the weekend is here! 🙂 xx

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