death + life + a powerful moon

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Tonight, on this mournful, soulful Good Friday, a full moon rises + a lunar eclipse graces the night sky. And with it comes another cosmic time of great power + opportunity for change. However strong and amazing the change may be, we may also feel in the dark – if you’re like me, than you feel the shift, you know there’s a huge change, but you have no idea what changes are coming. Much like the disciples of Jesus on the night of his death. 


The good news is that the only thing we need to do is to intend with our heart and our spirit to allow for the most positive change possible and be willing to go through the discomfort of the ups and downs of the unexpected events that are surely right around the corner. Scary + unsettling? Oh yeah. There is so much in life, and in death, that we don’t understand. 

But, if we simply slow down enough to allow ourselves a chance to breathe + soak in the energy, if we find a way trust in the power of the cycle of the universe, and are crazy enough to believe that all things work for good, that love ultimately wins, then we will be amazed at the transformation that we experience. And we will come to know first hand that even the darkest night ends with the light of the sun. 

This is an exciting and scary and incredible day, but it is one that opens to a new experience of living life at a higher + deeper level. Just imagine the heartbreak and confusion of the followers of Jesus. The one person that they put all of their hopes in, their hero, the one who had come to make a difference and make miracles happen had just been killed in the most horrible + embarrassing of ways. They must have been beyond grief, past confusion, and somewhere on the way to giving up on any hope. It was the darkest of darks. One of those “nothing will make this better” kinds of moments. And yet, they gathered together to help each other through. What else could they do? And somewhere, I believe, in that gathering + clinging to each other, they help in a sliver of hope. They did not give up completely.

So, don’t you give up either. Surround yourself with friends and community this weekend, and celebrate spring and all things new. And, by all means, check out the glorious moon tonight. Be ready for change, dream big, set your intentions, stay faithful, and rejoice. Life begins anew!

Onwards + upwards! xoxo

4 thoughts on “death + life + a powerful moon

  1. Lovely and inspiring — thank you for this post! On Tuesday night I dreamed very vividly about realizing that I was on the wrong road in the dark and turning my car around. Just knowing that a change has to happen is indeed a big step in itself!

    1. What a fantastic, specific dream to have! I wish you all the best as you discern which way to go. Love + light. xo

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