21: The week where the eclipse changed my perspective

It’s not too late to get in on August’s New Moon potential

August’s full moon + Virgo season are here to help us settle into a groove

Tonight’s new moon is ushering a new season for us – what will you begin to manifest?

Hope in the dark // Twenty 17s first new moon

The year’s first full moon: What’s holding you back?

release + rise with december’s new moon

august’s full moon → vibes of completion

the wild, unfolding magic of june’s new moon 

how to survive the in-between vibes of may’s new moon

april’s big, beautiful butterfly full moon

the week that was a lesson in getting some perspective // 8

the first full moon of 2016: slow down + start your howling

a christmas gift from me + the moon

reclaiming december // a dark new moon is just the beginning

november’s full moon: the truth about the holidays

october’s super moon: set your intentions + release everything else

why i am not afraid of the dark

i’ve got a feeling you’re gonna want to stay up late for this

finding our way in the dark: a solar eclipse + a new moon

supermoon saturday: a chance to sit with your truth

i only cry once in a blue moon – and that is totally ok

i’m feeling all emotional + courageous at the same time: this new moon is inteeense

the summer of love + freedom begins with tonight’s full moon

it’s time to make a move: embracing our truth under a new moon

how the moon teaches you to be authentically you; or the power of a full moon

death + life + a powerful moon

meditation mondays: shouting yes to the moon

a little me time.

the makings of a perfect weekend.

oh, to be like the moon.

keepin’ it simple.

me and you and the moon.

my six senses instagram easter weekend.

wordless wednesday: urban lights

march photo a day: week 1