Embracing that dark, moody October energy

I didn’t really have anything specifically in mind for today’s MOTM (mood of the month) post – which may be why I am writing it so late. But I do know that I want to share a little bit more about October’s mood with you. We’re still at the beginning of October, so, before I dive deep into the mystical medicine of October, I really just want to continue setting the stage for the energy that is swirling all around me. And, boy, is that energy swirling. Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt the moodiness + mystery of October as profoundly as I do this year. But, instead of presenting some deep explanation or reflection on it all, what I really want to do is simply share with you all of the moments that moody October has been bringing me so far.

I’m going to have to chalk up all the moodiness to nature, my mindset, and those first few moments after I woke up on October 1. They really set the stage for it all.

First of all, it was dark when I woke. Signaling to me that this really is the month of descent into the darkness. And that means that there’s nothing left to do except to surrender to it all. The sun rises later + later, and it sets earlier + earlier. Nature’s cycle continues onward, darkness growing with each passing day until late December. This year, however, I’ve chosen to see the growing darkness as an opportunity for extreme coziness, inspiring solitude, and deep mystery. In other words, I’ve chosen to embrace the darkness and focus on feeling the awe of its mystical power and using it as an opportunity for creative, intuitive inspiration.

Ok. Back to the first day of the month. Because it was so dark on the first morning of October, I was up before the sun. Which turned out to be an incredible gift, as the sunrise on October 1st was about to be epic.

I walked out of my dark bedroom and into the living room, lit only by the gray glow of an upcoming cloudy morning through the windows. I stumbled to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. As I turned back again and looked out the dining window, I saw an orange reflection on the apartment across the way. Then I noticed the sky had turned pink, orange, and blue. The sunrise! It was at this point that I remembered that it was now October + I knew that this now orange glow meant that a magical month lay in front of me. I literally felt it tingling through all of my body.

So, I grabbed a mug + filled it with my piping hot, fresh coffee, wrapped up + headed out onto the balcony. I walked out to the railing, took a deep breath, and turned my head toward the east. It. Was Breathtaking.

It was one of those moments when I felt totally connected, completely in alignment, and deeply intuitive. I felt like I was in the middle of the flow of a great rive of truth. There was just this sense of knowing, of a higher consciousness, of a deeper rootedness. Words fail me now – this was one of those mystical moments that was beyond words, so I cannot really express here what I felt and experienced. But, I do know that it was the opening to what would be an energy-filled, inspiring, magical month.

And, sure enough, after that epic sunrise, I have had one moody October moment after another. Part of it is because the weather is Sweden is especially autumnal this year. Gray, misty, chilly – but not too chilly. Talk about setting the October mood. And, as a result, all of that moodiness has inspired me to soak up + create the October spirit in as many ways I can. Walks in the autumn air, baking a little, lighting candles, deep-diving morning meditations.

Something about this October has sunk deep down into my bones. I feel a connection to the earth + to spirit. There is a spark, a flame, a warm, mystical glow to everything. And while this is the season of descent + surrender, there is something within me that is rising.

I am no where near understanding the moody, mysterious ways of this month yet, but that is what the rest of this month is for – exploring, experimenting, enjoying. I do not know why I feel such a deep connection to the energy of this month, but I suppose that there is no reason to analyze or try to figure it out. For now, it’s just to surrender to the descent, the magic, the mood of this month. And, most importantly, to stay mindful, present, and open to the magic that is found in everyday simple moments – walking, baking, observing, breathing, writing. Right now, even the most mundane of household chores are filled with the magic of the season. There is magic of making a home, creating sacred space, talking + listening, laughing + resting.

I’ve started to wonder if my inner witch is what is rising up from within because I have surrendered to the descent into my soul. What I mean by that is that maybe all of this mystery, magic, and moodiness is somehow touching my soul more than before because this moody October is awakening something from deep within me. It is the season of the witch, but that doesn’t mean dark, ominous energy. It means, a wild, feminine, powerful energy. An energy filled with mystical, intuitive wisdom. An energy of simply living into who you are.

October is the month that calls us downward + inward. If we dare to descend into our souls, following the example of the descent of nature into its time of rest + restoration, then the darkness is really just a place for the birth of something new. So, I’m in no hurry to figure out what I might be rising from my soul. No, I am simply using this moody October to inspire me to trust in the mystery of it all.

How are you feeling this October? What kind of mood seems to be settling into your soul? Is the darkness calling to you? Can you see the changes of the seasons or is the energy of October something that is only in your soul?

Whatever you feel or experience, October is here with all of its moods + mystery. Over the next few days, as we move deeper into the month, just focus on feeling the mood of the month. Define it for yourself. Think about what you are surrendering to, what the darkness is saying to you, what mysteries you wonder about.

I’ll see you back here on the 11th – and that’s when I’m going to really start to embrace my inner witch. What is a witch anyway?

xoxo. liz.

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