Episode 20 // Liz + Lina’s first podcast interview: A new brewery with an old history

Ok. Yes. Lina + I love beer.

And before moving (back) to Sweden two years ago, we lived in the super craft beer city of Asheville, North Carolina. It is literally beer heaven there, boasting around 20 breweries and microbreweries in the city. (To read more check out our Asheville Brewery Guide).

Anyways. We were super involved in the beer life in Asheville. And we really began to find ourselves a part of a community… all created by sitting around a table sipping on beer, while appreciating the art + craft of creating crazy yummy beer. It was just so easy to do in Asheville. I mean the culture was tap rooms, breweries, and brewpubs. Every-freaking-where. And it was all so authentic + relaxed. So, it felt as if beer kind of chose us. And, now, we are hard core beer lovers – and have even brewed our own beer a couple of times.

Arriving in Sweden, we knew we’d miss the community spirit and the authenticity of the beer culture of Asheville (and the US). Craft beer is catching on in Sweden, but there are no real breweries to hang out at. And, we have missed all of that. We’ve dabbled in brewing beer, to try to get ourselves into the brewing community, but it wasn’t filling our need quite the same.

But, about a year ago we stumbled upon a new place opening up in Uppsala, our city.

It was so be the first of its kind in Uppsala. A brewery that also sold food. So, basically, you could go right in, look at the big drums of beer in the brewing space, order very fresh, very tasty craft beer and even eat. Pretty much heaven for me and Lina.

Soon we were in the midst of our House Hunters International filming experience and suggested to our director that we do some of the city-life filming in this brewery that had newly opened, Bryggeriet Ångkvarn. We also filmed in Asheville at a brewery, so it’d be a great thread running through our episode.

Well, filming at the brewery/restaurant (= brewpub) in Uppsala led to a friendship, and we have turned that budding friendship into the beginning of creating our beer community in Uppsala. So. Exciting.

And this week’s podcast is recorded on location at the brewpub! We brewed a little beer with the brewmaster, Per-Erik, then sampled some beer, and ended the day with an interview with Per-Erik. It was so much fun – and definitely inspiring!

So, you’ve just gotta go and listen to it. Stories, history, inspiration, passion, risks, and beer. What’s not to love?

Here are a few shots from our podcast day!

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So, did you like the podcast? What do you think about interviews? We think we are going to invite someone to join us every 4-6 weeks or so. No set schedule, but around once a month-ish. Got any thoughts on that? Any topics you want us to cover? Stories you want us to share?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s episode of the Liz+Lina podcast – we sure did have an amazing time recording and brewing and shooting. Thanks ever so much to Bryggeriet Ångkvarn for inviting us to come in and for being a part of our podcast! We are absolutely honored!

If you live in Uppsala, or Sweden, please stop by the brewpub for a visit. Try a beer or two! And let us know if you’re gonna drop by… we’d love to meet you there!


Östra Ågatan 59, 753 22 Uppsala

Måndag-Lördag 16:00-24:00
Söndag Stängt

Website: http://bryggerietangkvarn.se

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