01. The week that was the first one

Summer of 17: Beer Hangs in Asheville, North Carolina

A weekend in Ireland // Part One: Dublin!

LIZ+LINA at the Uppsala Beer + Whiskey Festival

Episode 20 // Liz + Lina’s first podcast interview: A new brewery with an old history

the week that was the beginning of the new (school) year // 33

the week that was one step closer to my vacation // 27

weekend in paris • 3.2

weekend in paris • day 2.1

what you liked the most: the top nine posts of 2015

// week thirty nine // the one where liz turns 41

tapping our saison! : a lesson in bottling beer

week twenty two | asheville vibes, pubs, and friends

two chicks brewing: bottling our first batch!

| week twenty one |

blood, sweat, and beer: quench your thirst with a craft beer documentary for asheville beer week

two chicks brewing: a friday night private lesson in home brewing

ten on ten: may 2015

The Two Chicks Guide to Asheville Breweries

on the hunt for a microbrewery in sweden

little christmas + the end of an era

everyday life update: preparing to be an expat again + holiday cheer

friday night brewery tour

serenity + insanity

cold mountain winter ale is back! and i went to the release party!


the adventures of a girl in love with autumn

school supplies + coffee + nesting at home + breweries

and so summer begins!

sensory overload. part 12.

10 things only people from asheville understand.

sensory overload. part 11. (or, i love being a tour guide!)

sensory overload: part 6.

sensory overload. part 5.

sensory overload.

coastal living.

nothing is weird in asheville.

red, white, and woo hoo!

vårkänslor. the feelings sweeping over sweden.


a sunday just the way i like it.

gratitude 30: wrapping it up.

the porterhouse. dublin.

let the irish fun begin! 1.0

time to fly.

two chicks & some beer.

longing for my other home.

week 4: photo a day. april.