feels like summer is almost over.

it’s sunday night. and completely dark out. in fact, it’s been dark for at least two hours now. the day was cloudy and chilly, and we stayed home. just hangin’ out.

it feels like summer is coming to a close and fall is sneaking up on us here in sweden. i know that there are some warm days left, but there is a change happening here. schools are beginning in one week. everyone in the city who was on vacation is coming back to work this up-coming week, so summer vacations for the most part, are over. darkness is beginning to take over our daylight time more & more every day. and for the first time in a long time, i saw the need to light some candles.

so, today, in the midst of the gray weather & faced with the upcoming end of the summer season, we just enjoyed being at home. playing a little kinect (= xbox video games), just sitting and being, having two funny & wonderful guests for a light dinner & tea (and fun conversation!), and adding the peace & coziness of candles back into our daily routines. yes, we have a busy, busy, crazy, work-every-night this week ahead of us which we are not really looking forward to. but, today has been cozy. not perfect. not adventurous. but, cozy. and i feel content. for, not every day is over-the-top amazing. but, every day does have it’s own little amazing moments. i promise.

peace & goodnight.

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  1. I too don’t want the summer to be over. Back to lota of studying.
    I really want a go of the xbox kinect. Super want one. Glad you had a lovely day.

  2. I was just noticing the leaves on one of my trees getting red. I normally love summer but I am admittedly looking forward to the fall this year. Have a great week, Liz, and by the way, I love your new gravatar, very pretty!

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