after school & work lina and i headed out to finspång, a small town which is about a 30 minute drive out into the country. it was so great to get out of the city and breathe in some fresh air… and see some new places, too! i know. that’s 2 days in a row that i’ve seen new things. i’m a lucky, lucky girl! tonight we visited a friend who has moved out to finspång, and she gave us a little sightseeing tour of the town. and guess what? i have a lot of pictures to share now. yes, it was a great evening. walking outside, taking pictures, being surrounded by nature, hanging out with a friend, and having some fika. loved it!

on our way!! (i freaking love it when the sun looks like this!)

check out sweden… this is what i saw when i looked out the car window as we drove down the highway. i’m serious!

we took a chilly, but beautiful, walk…. me. lina. m. & her horse.

i turned around, and this is what i saw. ahhhhmazing.

there ain’t nothin’ like a red barn. right, mom & dad?

hey! i’m hanging out by the stables.

the corner of the stable. looove the red!

yep. m & i are feeding some bunnies. cuties.

in less than 10 minutes we went from the middle of nature to a castle in the middle of the town. cool.

a little river. some awesome bridges. all on the castle grounds. i loved this place.

taking pictures, being in nature. writing. exploring. these things fill my soul. isn’t there a way i can do this every day & make money too? i truly hope so. if you figure something out, then let me know! hope your day has been full of adventures, laughter, and soul-touching moments. goodnight.


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  1. Those pictures make me soooooooooooooooooooo excited to come to Sweden this summer. It is such a beautiful place! Kudos on those pictures; they’re gorgeous!

  2. What beautiful pictures! Yes, it is truly a blessing to leave the city when that is all you get to see in your daily life! I remember well the welcome views of fields and water when we lived in Lund and got the opportunity to actually ride in a car and go beyond the city limits. A prof at the agricultural school nearby (married tio an American who worshiped with us) told us there has been research on the psychology of being out in nature. That would be interesting Swedish practice?

    I know it is good for my soul now that the weather has improved and I can get back to walking on the nearby trail, listening to bird song, seeing leaves fluttering in the wind and breathing in the fresh air while I look for wildflowers along the sides.

    1. Barb: Hmmm… maybe that’s some research I should look into. nature, psychology, & spirituality. some of my favorite things. 🙂 enjoy your spring!

  3. Åh vilka fina bilder! Tack för att du får mig att se Sverige med andra ögon och på så sätt uppskatta mitt land ännu mer. Det är lätt att man blir hemmablind 🙂

  4. Seeing this pictures makes me want to come to Sweden to visit you even MORE badly (if that’s possible!). Why do I have to be a poor grad student? Oh well. I still love the pics… and you!

    1. and i am dying for you come here!!!! you will make it one day. you must make time & save money!! but… at least i know that i get to see you in about a month and a half!!! i miss you so freaking much. love you to pieces!

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